Your Guide to Buying a Nokia E72 Case

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Your Guide to Buying a Nokia E72 Case

The Nokia E72 is a successor to the E71 smartphone and was originally released in November 2009. The device is very popular among people of all ages, and as a result there is a large market of accessories that can be bought for the smartphone. Many people buy a case for the E72, and this guide shall examine the various styles on offer and will explain how to find a desired case on eBay.

Nokia E72 Case

People buy a case for their Nokia E72 for a variety for reasons. Some buy a case for protective and practicality purposes while others do it for aesthetic values. The following are the most popular styles of case that can be bought for the Nokia E72.


Leather cases are extremely popular and make great gifts for young professionals that have the phone. A leather case will provide a decent amount of protection for the phone while keeping it looking stylish. Buyers can choose between real and faux leather cases, and such products are available in a number of finishes and colours. The type of leather used and how it has been treated will influence the price of the case. Buyers can also purchase leather flip cases, which have a snap on design that keeps the device safe and in place when not in use. Flip cases offer a relative amount of protection and are excellent at keeping the E72 clean and free from dirt.


The majority of E72 owners buy a case for their device for protective reasons. Protective cases can be made from soft materials like silicone gel and rubber or harder materials like steel and plastic. These cases prevent the phone from becoming damaged or scratched if it is dropped, and some have a limited amount of water resistance. It's always a good idea to check for reviews of a particular protective case before making a purchase, as this will give a good indication at how effective the material is at keeping the device safe.



A wallet case is very handy, and allows the user to keep their smartphone, cards and money all in the same place. Wallet cases are generally made from leather but it is possible to buy cases made from other materials. A holster case is attached to the user's belt and allows for easy access. Foremen and those who work in manual professions typically use holster cases. Again the majority of holster cases are made from leather, as this material is durable and provides ample protection for the device.


A mobile phone sock case doesn't really offer a lot of protection, but these cases are available in a range of materials including cloth, wool, rubber and neoprene. Sock cases are available in many different designs and it's possible to buy licensed cases featuring musicians and popular cultural figures. Sock cases are more suited to teenagers and young adults who use the phone for socialising rather than those who use it for professional interests.


Designer cases are created purely for aesthetic purposes. Such cases are often manufactured by fashion designers and feature their logo or symbol.

Buying a Nokia E72 Case on eBay

For many people, eBay is the number one place to buy smartphones and smartphone accessories. The site has a multitude of new and used products for sale at very reasonable prices, and the selection of what can be bought is far greater than that of any other site. Buyers interested in searching for a case for their Nokia E72 should first head to the, and then take the following simple steps.

· When the homepage has loaded up, drag the cursor over the Electronics tab on the left hand side of the page. When the tab has opened click on theMobile Phone & Accessories link. On the following page, click on the Mobile Accessories title near the top of the list.

· Once the listing page has loaded, click on the Cases, Covers, Skins link found towards the top of the Categories table, and on the following page, click on the Nokia filter found in the Compatible Brand heading.

· Type the name of the desired case into the search bar and press enter e.g. Nokia E72 protective case. Buyers can browse through used cases by clicking on the Used filter under the Condition heading.

  • Buyers should also check out eBay Deals as it contains a large selection of smartphones and smartphone accessories for sale at reduced prices. To access the relevant page, click on the eBay Deals link at the top of the page, drag the cursor over the Electronics title to open the tab up, and click on Mobile Phone Accessories underneath Phones.


Cases for the Nokia E72 tend to be quite inexpensive, and buying one can improve the smartphone in a number of ways. Cases can be used to protect the phone, make it easier to carry or add to the aesthetic value of the device. Buyers will find a large selection of cases to choose from on eBay, and all buyers should check eBay Deals for reduced cases before making any purchases.

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