Your Guide to Buying a Quality DSLR Bundle

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Your Guide to Buying a Quality DSLR Bundle

A digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera is a type of digital camera that combines the mechanics and optics of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor, as opposed to the photographic film found in analogue cameras. DSLR's can be quite expensive to buy, and generally additional equipment is needed to get the most out of the device. DSLR bundles offer great value for money and come packed with everything needed to get started using this type of camera.

DSLR Cameras

The first thing buyers will need to do is decide which make of camera they want to purchase. This is the most important aspect of choosing a quality DSLR bundle and ample time should be spent reviewing and researching what's on offer in today's market. Buyers should draw up a rough budget of how much they are able to spend on the camera alone, and how much can be spent on a bundle deal. This will make the shopping and selection process much easier, and will save the buyer time and possibly money. The following are among the most popular DSLR camera manufacturers operating today.


Nikon are a Japanese company who specialise in a range of products that use lenses, including cameras, binoculars, microscopes and measurement instruments. The company produced one of the first DSLR's, which was used by NASA during a space shuttle flight in 1991. In the years since Nikon have gone on to produce a range of quality DSLR's, including the D3100, the D90 and the D700, which is believed by many to be Nikon's best full frame DSLR.


Another Japanese company who specialise in the manufacturing of products that utilise lenses, Canon has been developing digital cameras since 1984. Popular DSLR's made by Canon include the EOS Rebel Tri, the EOS 50D and the EOS 100D.


Fujifilm are a Japanese company who specialise in the development of photographic film and photography equipment, but the company has made a range of decent DSLR's in the past. These include the FinePix S8400W, the X20 and the FinePix SL1000.

The price of DSLR cameras varies greatly depending on the quality and function of the device. It is advised all buyers looking to buy a DSLR camera to read as many reviews as possible about any camera they're thinking of buying. The more reviews read, the better idea the buyer will have of the camera's capabilities.

DSLR Bundles

Although it is not essential to buy a DSLR bundle, and for many beginners the camera itself will be enough to get started, those more experienced using DSLR's or photographers looking for additional equipment will find that DSLR bundles offer excellent value for money. The content of the bundle will vary from seller to seller, so buyers need to check what's being included. This information is generally found in the description box on the item page of a listing, but if it is missing then the buyer can request it by using the Ask A Question feature, which is located underneath the description box. The following are some accessories and pieces of equipment typically included in DSLR bundles.


Most DSLR bundles include additional lenses that can be used when different shooting distances and subjects. The lenses tend to belong to the company who manufactured the camera, but double check this information on the listings page.


DSLR's are electronic devices that run on battery power. Most bundles include rechargeable batteries and a battery charger.

Memory Card

As the camera is digital, the photographs are stored on a memory card that can be taken out and connected to a computer or laptop. The size of the memory card varies from bundle to bundle, but buyers should look for a card with 4GB of memory or more.


It is advised against buying any DSLR bundles that does not come with the specific software for the camera. The software is needed to upload the photographs to a computer, and is used to manage the images.


Additional equipment found in bundles tends to include camera straps, shoulder mounts and battery grips.

Searching for DSLR Bundles on eBay

eBay is the number one place to buy affordable priced cameras and camera equipment. The site has a large selection of new and used electronic products for sale at very reasonable prices. First, head to, and click on the Cameras and Photography link found in the Electronics tab on the left hand side of the page. Click on the Digital Cameras link to be brought to the relevant listings page. Type the name of the desired DSLR camera into the search bar and press enter e.g. Nikon D90 DSLR Bundle. Remember to check the description box on the item page for a full list of what is included in the bundle, and use the Ask A Question feature if any additional information is required.

Buyers should also check out eBay Deals, which is a section of the website that stocks products that are sold at reduced prices. eBay Deals contains a large range of electronic products including digital cameras and buyers may be able to find their desired bundle here at a lower price. To access the relevant page, click on the Deals link found at the top of every page, followed by theDigital SLR link under Cameras in the Electronics tab.


Digital single-lens reflex cameras are used by professionals and amateurs alike, and there is a very large market for this type of camera. Buyers looking to buy a new camera should opt for a DSLR bundle, as this will offer them the greatest value for money whilst ensuring they have everything they need to be successful in their endeavours. Some time should be spent reviewing the various cameras available, and always remember to check the description box on the item page of a listing for full details of what's included in the bundle.

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