Your Guide to Buying a Shaping Bra

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Your Guide to Buying a Shaping Bra

For all women, a bra is an essential part of their daily outfit. It offers support and comfort. Not only that, but it can also create the figure desired. There are bras available to accentuate cleavage, hide straps under dresses and offer additional support when exercising.

Shaping bras are a great design that assists with offering every day practical support for women, as well as additional extras to help with confidence.

eBay offer a wide range of shaping bras. And with the ability to shop in the comfort of a buyer’s own home, it is an ideal shopping choice. This guide offers advice on how to buy a shaping bra.

What Is a Shaping Bra?

A shaping bra offers all the support found in a normal bra. On top of this, it also offers additional support in the way of ‘shaping’ the body that surrounds the breasts. This is done by:

· Additional padding that incorporates skin around the bra, pushing it inwards and upwards.

· Support for both the breasts and excess skin often left to ‘bulge’ over the top of the bra, with a particular focus on the underarms areas.

· A shaping bra has hidden boning in the sides of the bra to assist with upward support.

Its main purpose is to help defy gravity and smooth over the normal lumps and bumps that are sometimes pronounced by wearing a well-fitted bra.

This is achieved by additional panelling on the bra that offers streamline compression and emphasizes the waistline.

What to Look for When Buying a Bra

There are a few points to take into consideration when purchasing any bra. These same rules apply when looking for a shaping bra and include:

· Size and Measurement: Always measure one’s bust before a fitting. This can be done at home or in a specialist bra shop. Most retail shops will offer this service free of charge. Even if one has recently been fitted for a bra, it is advised to measure each time a buyer is looking to purchase a new one. This will ensure that any changes in one’s body are noted and applied to the current fitting. Required measurements are:

· Torso just below the bust.

· Around the largest area of the bust itself.

Remember to always measure the bust without wearing any clothes. This will provide the most accurate results. These measure measurements when applied to a bra-sizing chart will indicate one’s correct size. A bra-sizing chart will include cup size and bust size. Be sure to look at both for an accurate fit.

· Fit: The fit of the bra should see the bust sitting half way between the shoulders and the elbows. There also should be around 2. 5cm gap between each breast. At any given time the wearer should feel supported and comfortable, but also be able to place 2 fingers underneath the bra strap around the torso. This ensures the bra is not too tight.

· Material: A shaping bra will be made out of stretchy and supportive materials. These are often a powerful mesh fabric. As the bra is designed to support and soften bulges caused by excess skin, there is no underwire in the bra. Do pay attention to the quality of the fabric. More affordable bras may use a harsher fabric that will not allow the body to breathe and may chaff or rub, causing irritation of the skin and discomfort. Also, the better quality the material, the more affective the shaping bra will be.

Additional Information about Shaping Bras

When to Replace a Shaping Bra?

It is advised to replace all bras every 5 to 6 months. This will ensure that the undergarment offers the best possible support to the wearer.

How Does one Care for a Shaping Bra?

Following the care instructions on the label provided with the bra can do this. The most common methods of care include:

· Machine wash in a protective mesh bag.

· Do not tumble dry.

· Wash after 2 wears.

Buying Considerations

Like all products, there are buying considerations to take into account. These include:

· Brand: As fitting a bra is as individual as the wearer, buyers tend to stick with brands that have been good in the past. This is an excellent way to ensure quality of product as well as fit every time. Sticking to brands that specializing in shaping bras is also advisable. This will mean that the bra will have all the advancements in bra construction and be made with the client in mind.

· Cost: The quality of the product is very much attached to the product. Be sure to set a realistic budget and include all incidentals that include postage and handling.

· Quality. The quality of the product will be determined by the cost and brand. It is also worth addressing the material of the product before purchase. Poor craftsmanship or cheaper materials will become apparent if the product is reviewed appropriately before purchase.

How to Buy a Shaping Bra on eBay

Buying a shaping bra on eBay provides the shopper a private shopping experience in the comfort and safety of their own home. Not only that, but eBay is a secure site used by shoppers the world over. To engage with the site in the best way possible, use the below points as a guide:

· Search: To search for a product on eBay has never been easier. Simply type in the product being looked for into the keyword search bar located at the top of every page on the site, use the advance search function or the categories section of the website.

· Review the Product: Once the right shaping bra has been found, the next step is to read the information provided by the seller to double check it is what is being sought after. By reading the description and looking at the photo provided this will offer an overview of the product. If any outstanding questions remain Ask The Seller for additional information.

· Purchase Options: Items will be sold one of 3 ways: ‘Bid’, ‘Buy It Now’ or ‘Best Offer’. Be sure to address which way the item is being sold and follow the required process to express an interest in buying and make the purchase.

· Refunds and Exchanges: Adequate research should help with any possible issues, but just in case do address the seller’s refund policy. It is also possible to read reviews about the seller provided by previous clients.

· eBay Deals: Don’t forget to check out eBay Deals for additional deals not found on eBay. These often include free postage.

· Money: eBay exchange money via debit card, credit card orPayPal. PayPal is a third party site that facilitates the payment exchange.

· Additional Information: If additional information is required on how to use the site, simply visit the buying tips page for further advice.


Wearing a shaping bra is a great way to obtain every day support, as well as hiding any unsightly skin bulge. It can support, whilst also creating a smooth streamline effect around the bra area.

eBay’s secure and safe site allows for shoppers to not only browse, but also purchase shaping bras whilst in the security and comfort of their own home. Thus, eliminating the stressful shopping experience of large shopping centres and busy retail shops.

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