Your Guide to Buying a Sony SLT-A77V

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Your Guide to Buying a Sony SLT-A77V

Of the many high performance digital cameras available to photographers on the market, the Sony SLT-A77V is one of the finest. In terms of features, performance, handling and value for money it is easily the equal of any camera that competitors in the field such as Canon and Nikon might offer. This guide will explain the main features of the camera and how they are useful, as well as how to purchase one on eBay.

Main features

  • 24.3 Megapixel APS-C Sensor – in a digital camera, the sensor is the essential component which allows the captured light to be transmitted as a digital signal. The amount of megapixels represents the clarity and detail of the image; the higher the clearer. 24.3 megapixels is well above average, perfectly acceptable as professional quality.
  • OLED Viewfinder – the viewfinder is the element of the camera through which the human eye lines up its target. In the case of the SLT-A77V, the viewfinder features a highly sophisticated Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) to assist with the composition of the shot, making the use of it a pleasurable and easy experience.
  • 19 Point Autofocus – cameras with autofocus can identify major focal points of the environment displayed before them, allowing the photographer to instantly focus the perfect shot. 19-point autofocus can pick up 19 points at a time, making it incredibly powerful and useful.
  • 3" LCD – a good screen is the staple of any modern digital camera, serving as an alternate viewfinder, a great way of browsing through captured images, and a useful centre for controlling the many subtleties of the device. The 3" liquid crystal display featured in the SLT-A77V is perfect for this, combining brightness and clarity of detail.
  • Fully HD Video Recording – 1080p video recording is included as standard in the Sony SLT-A77V, making it as much a video camera as a digital still one.
  • ISO 50-16000 – ISO is a means of measuring how much or little light a camera can handle before losing picture quality. A range of between 50 and 16000 is phenomenal; the SLT-A77V can take great quality photographs in almost any conceivable lighting conditions.


There are several extremely important accessories that any photography enthusiast ought to know about. Listed below are some of the most useful.

  • Lenses – digital cameras are by default limited in range. Using an additional lens can enhance the range from which a camera can capture an image.
  • Straps – straps are absolutely perfect for carrying a camera about one's person.
  • Carrying Cases – the safe transportation of the device from A to B is paramount; carrying cases of various kinds facilitate this.
  • Tripodstripods are the classic, iconic photographic aides that enable a perfectly still camera, resulting in a photo with no unwanted blurring.
  • Memory Cards – digital cameras cannot store many images; a memory card is needed in order to keep the images captured.
  • Memory Card Readers – memory card readers allow computers to receive the files from a memory card; a vital step in the digital photography process.
  • Batteries – while it is true that any digital camera bought will come with a battery, it is always advisable to own a spare in case of malfunction.
  • Chargers – having a spare charger around will ensure that your camera never runs out of power.
  • Cleaning Kits – a dirty camera can result in a reduction in image quality. Using a cleaning kit can prevent this.

How to Buy a Sony SLT-A77V Digital Camera on eBay

Using eBay to shop for a SLT-A77V is a simple, intuitive process for the user. Using the search bar is a straightforward way to achieve the desired results. Type "Sony SLT-A77V" into the bar, press enter, and the item listings are visible, displaying only items which match the terms of the search. To narrow them further, use the categories to navigate the site, following the links titledElectronics & Technology andCameras & Photography, followed lastly by Digital Cameras. The search can be filtered by item price, item condition and seller's location amongst others, and products can either be bought for a fixed price or bid upon, depending on the seller.

By clicking on an item, the user is following a link to the item's individual page, wherein can be found detailed product specifications. Also for the user's perusal is feedback from other users regarding the quality of the seller, including easy-to-interpret ratings.

There are countless special offers available on eBay. The best way to browse these is using the Deals section of the website, where there are many low prices to choose from. This section is updated frequently, so it is advisable to check it on a regular basis.


There are many high-tech features and impressive specifications that combine to make the Sony SLT-A77V one of the best in its field, including professional quality images and a practical, weather resistant body. The end result is more than just the sum of its parts, however; the camera is a triumph and a treasure. When seeking to buy one, using eBay is advised, owing to the site's massive selection of products and sleek, helpful design features.

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