Your Guide to Buying a Sports Bra

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Your Guide to Buying a Sports Bra

Buying the correct sports bra is a necessity for more than just comfort. Not only will it provide one wth the much-needed support whilst exercising, but it will also assist the ligaments holding the breast tissue up and reduce unnecessary stretching over time. Sports bras are a great idea for even the gentlest form of exercise.

An essential in every woman’s wardrobe, it is possible to find the perfect sports bra for a buyer and a buyer’s breast size that is also trendy and flattering for one’s figure.

eBay is an excellent auction site to browse, locate, and purchase a sports bra. This guide offers advice on how to buy a sports bra.

The Different Types of Sports Bra

Before making a purchase, it is important to know the different styles of sports bras available.

The main designs include:

Racer Back Sports Bra

The racer back sports bra is suitable for smaller and larger chested women (A through to D Cup). It features flat seaming for a comfortable fit.

Tank Sports Bra

The tank style sports bra is built into a t-shirt, often a tank top. This is an excellent choice for low impact sports. It can also add additional support over the top of another sports bra.

Cami Sports Bra

The cami sports bra is similar to the tank sports bra. It is a replacement for a bra and can be worn with or without another bra.

Push Up Sports Bra

A push up sports bra is designed to support as well as create cleavage. They are mostly suitable for low impact sporting activities.

High Impact Sports Bra

High impact sports bras are designed for high impact sport. They feature large straps and secure cups. Suitable for all sizes of breasts, but they are particularly good for larger breasted women.

What to Look for When Buying a Sports Bra

There are a number of different factors to take into consideration when buying a sports bra. These include:

· Measurements and Size. Always take one’s measurements before every new bra purchase. This will ensure that the correct size bra is bought. Over time, one’s body will change, so it is not uncommon for one’s bra size to change. The correct measurements to take are:

o   Measure the circumference of one’s torso, just below the breasts.

o   Measure the circumference of one’s breasts around the largest part of one’s chest.

These measurements will point towards the fit of the bra and the cup         size. Be sure to apply this sizing to one’s search.

· Activity: The level of a bra wearer’s activity will determine the type of sports bra required. It is vital to know what sort of support is needed for the activity to ensure the correct fit is chosen. Generally speaking sporting activities can be broken up into 3 categories, low impact, medium impact and high impact.  Each category will require a different level of support.

· Fabric and Construction: Each sports bra will be constructed in a different way and the type of fabric used will vary. When looking at the different types of construction in a bra, it is important to address the following 3 points:

o   Compression: What sort of compression is given in the bra? This will vary with the wearer’s breast movement during activity.

o   Shaping: Some bras offer natural shaping. This will largely be determined by the compression of the bra. Depending on the type of support required, it may be useful to look into the shaping of the bra.

o   Underwire: Again, underwire in a sports bra goes hand in hand with compression and shaping. Underwire will offer additional support to the wearer and is therefore great for larger breasted women.

· Fabric: The fabric of a sports bra is incredibly important. Given that when the bra is worn, the wearer is likely to sweat, the fabric needs to account for this. Some fabrics will offer a wicking quality, which absorbs and disperses perspiration away from the body. Also look for comfort in the fabric. More affordable bras may use cheaper materials that could cause discomfort and chafing. Some good fabrics to look out for are:

o   Wicking

o   Lycra

o   Cotton

o   Spandex

o   Polyester

o   Combination of any of the above

When to Replace One’s Sports Bra

Because a sports bra is designed to look after one’s breasts when undertaking rigorous activity, it is vital to replace them regularly. As a general rule, it is important to replace them every 5 to 6 months. During this time, look out for the following signs that will indicate an early replacement is necessary:

· Fabric pilling or growing transparent.

· Increased breast movement when wearing the bra.

· The fit of the bra becoming looser.

How to Buy a Sports Bra on eBay

Given the extensive range and secure platform, eBay is the perfect location to shop for sports bras. The below points will assist in using the site and the overall shopping experience.

· Searching: The first step when looking to purchase is searching for the desired product. This can be done one of a few ways. Keyword search using the search bar located at the top of every page, advance search located to the right of the search bar or via a categories search. eBay will pull together all of the available products onto one page ready for browsing.

· Vetting the Product: Once a product has been identified, it is vital that ones checks that it is the right product for them. Addressing the research undertaken beforehand, reading the description and looking at the photograph provided by the seller can do this. These will offer a clear indication to the quality of the product and its suitability. If any outstanding questions remain, it is possible to ask the seller for more information.

· Exchange and Refunds: Given the delicate nature of purchasing a sports bra, even with extensive research there may be the possibility that the sports bra needs to be replaced. With this in mind, it is a great idea to address the seller’s exchange and refund policy before purchase. It is also possible to read reviews written by previous buyers, outlining their experience.

· Payment: When it’s time to make a payment, there are a number of different ways to exchange money. This can be done via credit card, debit card or PayPal. PayPal is a third party site that acts as a facilitator between the buyer and seller to safely and securely transfer the funds.

· eBay Deals: Be sure to check eBay deals for any deals on sports bras to see if there are any deals available there. eBay deals offer free postage.

· Additional Information: In addition to this guide there is more information available. Simply visit eBay’s buyers tips page to find answers to any questions a buyer may have.


Owning and wearing a well-fitted sports bra will not only assist with keeping the wearer’s breasts supported during sporting activity, but it will also provide comfort. Given the sheer range of different products available on the market it is easy to find a product that appeals to a shopper’s need and budget.

eBay’s range of affordable products make it the ideal choice for any shopper, so why not head to the site today and find a bargain?

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