Your Guide to Buying a Strapless Bikini

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Your Guide to Buying a Strapless Bikini

When it’s summer and the sun is shining, it’s the perfect time to purchase a bikini, so one is ready to hit the beach for all one’s favourite summer time activities. And what better way to enjoy the beach than wearing a strapless bikini? Not only does it stop a wearer from getting unsightly sun tan lines, they are also extremely stylish.

But where does one purchase a strapless bikini and what to look for when buying one? Alongside the range of shops from large multi-purpose shops and surf shops, eBay offers an excellent range of products in a multitude of sizes and prices. There is something for everybody shape and budget.

This guide offers advice on what to look for when purchasing a strapless bikini.

Different Bather Styles

There is a wide range of different female swimsuit styles; most can be grouped into the following two categories. These are:

One Piece

A one-piece bather covers the whole torso of the body. Variations on the once piece style include: Bandeau bathers (strapless), control bathers, high apex bathers, and specialist bathers.


Bikini bathers consist of a bra and briefs. A great advantage of the bikini is the ability to ‘mix and match’ bikini tops with bottoms. The different bikini styles include: triangle bikini, strapless or bandeau bikini, removable straps (which can be worn strapless, halter or classic style) Tankini and cup size bikini. There is also a range of different style briefs including: standard bikini brief, fold down brief, classic shorts, the side brief and adjustable shorts.

Different styles, colours, and patterns are available for all designs, depending on the current trend or style of the season.

The strapless bikini top can come in a range of different designs including:

· Twist style

· Detachable straps

· Padded cups

· Underwire cups

What Is a Strapless Bikini?

A strapless bikini is made up of two parts: the bottom and top. Different designs of both the top and bottom provide varying degrees of coverage of the body. Because of this it is advised to research the different designs and choose the one that will be most flattering on a wearer’s particular body type (see above).

Most bathers have a strap to assist in holding the bathers on the wearer. The very definition of ‘strapless’ is that the design of the top garment excludes straps.

Strapless bikinis are held in place by the 2 cups supporting the breast area and the bra like strap that goes around the chest and does up at the back of the wearer. This strap is adjustable. Because of this tube like design, the strapless bikini emphasizes the bust area.

Colour and Patterns

Perhaps the biggest consideration when purchasing a strapless bikini is the aesthetic. There will be an immense amount of choice available. As a general rule, the following ideas can be applied to help with the choice:

· Darker colours are slimming.

· Black is considered a classic colour.

· Pastel colours are more suited to the under 30s.

· Bold colours work well for the other 30s. 

· Paler, metallic and shiny colours will draw attention to a wearer’s size and sometimes make the wearer look bigger then they are.

· Smaller prints or patterns on bikinis will help to create the illusion of a smaller frame.

· Large prints will extenuate the figure making it look larger. Sometimes a carefully chosen pattern can be more flattering than a block or bold colour.


The fabrics used to make strapless bikinis are generally always durable and suitable for all manner of water-based activities. However, some materials are more suited to salt water and/or chlorinated pools. Take care to check the labels and make note of the suitability of the fabric for the intended type of water it will be in most frequently.

It is important to check that the bikini is double lined. Double lined bathers will increase the longevity of the garment, helping to avoid general wear and tear that can lead to transparency. Transparency can happen after excessive use or when the garment becomes wet.  


The brand of the bathers has a direct connection to the quality of the bikini. There are a few different routes to take when deciding upon the best brand for a buyer:

· Research by reading literature provide online (reviews etc) or ask friends

· Go with a trusted brand that has been used in the past.

In most cases, the brand will directly affect the price tag. This is not to say the more expensive brands are the most reliable, more affordable options may be just as suitable. But this should all be determined by research.

How to Care for One’s Strapless Bikini

It is important to care for one’s bikini to ensure it has the longest life possible. The best way to do this is by following these steps:

· After use, rinse in cold fresh water.

· Dry in the shade away from direct sunlight.

· Machine wash occasionally.

Always ensure that one reads the cleaning instructions carefully before machine washing.

How to Buy a Strapless Bikini on eBay

Shopping on eBay for strapless bikinis is a great way to not only view the newest designs and fabrics, but also avoid busy shops and shopping centres. Not only that, but it is possible to purchase both bottoms and tops separately, meaning a shopper can ‘mix and match’ the perfect bikini pair for them.


The first step is to search the site for strapless bikinis. This can be done a number of different ways:

1.    By Undertaking a Keyword Search: Simply use the search bar that is located conveniently at the top of every page and enter a keyword, i.e. ‘bikini’, or broad search term like ‘strapless bikini bathers’. From this, the site will automatically pull together all of the products that match the key words searched onto one page for browsing.

2.    Advance Search: If the exact style and brand of strapless bikini is known, an advance search of eBay can be done. This should lead directly to the desired product. The advance search function is located next to the search bar.

3.    Categories Search: eBay house all products in broad categories, which are then sub-categoriesed. It is possible to search these categories for different products.


Once a product has been chosen, it is time to make a purchase. Before doing this, it is advisable to check that the product is exactly what is being looked for. Reading the description and photograph provided by the seller can do this.

Due to the sensitive nature of buying bikinis, it is also advisable to address the returns policy. Most sellers will have excellent customer service and want the buyer to be happy with their purchase; however, it is best to check their returns policy before purchase.


Payment can be made one of three ways:

· Credit card

· Debit card


Each will lead to a safe and secure transaction.

eBay provide a cohesive Buyers Protection Programme for all users of the site. This is a great insurance policy for all buyers.


Be sure to take note of how the product is being sold, as this will affect the buying process. If there are any outstanding questions about the product, be sure to ask the seller for more information.

Although the one-piece bather has been around for longer, the bikini has quickly become the more fashionable beach and pool item.

Using eBay to browse and purchase strapless bikinis means one can avoid unwanted queuing in shops and the dreaded change room.

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