Your Guide to Buying a Used Kitchen

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Your Guide to Buying a Used Kitchen

The kitchen can often be the focal point of the home so it is important to have the right kitchen worktops and appliances for you to prepare meals, eat and socialise. Buying a brand new kitchen can be extremely expensive so why not consider getting the perfect kitchen at a fraction of the price with used kitchen fixtures and furnishings.

There are different factors to consider for the various parts of the kitchen when buying them used. This guide will outline the different types of furnishings and appliances needed for any kitchen and what to look for in a used form. All of the items for a used kitchen that are discussed in this guide can be found in the Home and Garden: Kitchen category on eBay.

What to Consider when Buying Used Kitchen Fixtures and Furnishings

When Buying Used Kitchen fixtures and furnishings it is recommended that you take all of the following considerations into account:


It is of the upmost importance to measure the size of your kitchen space and also the specific areas in which the different parts of the kitchen will be. If this is done before searching on eBay for used kitchen products, it will be an easier and less time consuming process. The item listings on eBay should have indications of the size of the item, but if it doesn’t be sure to ask the seller.


There will be different variations of all of the furnishings and kitchen appliances so it is advised to take a look at all of the different furnishings available before deciding which one you like. For instance when it comes to buying kitchen cupboards, there are different types in terms of whether they are fixed to the wall, differences in how the doors open and where they can go in the kitchen.


One of the most important factors to consider for a used kitchen is the design. It might be difficult to find all of the parts needed for a kitchen to match perfectly, so you might need to either be more flexible with the design or search a little deeper to find the items that are wanted. This is completely down to personal taste and you might be able to get a great bargain as the item being sold is not the sellers taste.


It is important to find out the exact condition of the products that are interesting to you. All of the used kitchen items can be filtered down on the search results page on the left hand side with the main categories being Brand New, New: Never Used, Seller: Refurbished and Used. The best product listings will have multiple images of the used kitchen item to show the condition of the whole product. However, if you have any questions about the condition i.e. ‘How well do the doors work?’ it is easy to ask the seller a question by clicking on the seller’s profile.

Ease of Installation

Some of the used kitchen items may need to be fixed to a wall or installed by a professional, so be sure to factor in any of these costs into the budget for the kitchen. There may be instructions with some of the items but it is important to check this before buying or bidding on the item.

Items to Buy for Used Kitchen

The most popular items that come with a used kitchen are:

Kitchen Cupboards and Drawers

Used kitchens will come with a number of cupboards and drawers to store food, kitchen utensils and cutlery. The cupboards will generally need to be fitted above the worktops so there is easy access to the ingredients when preparing food. The cupboards and drawers will usually be made out of some sort of wood like MDF or oak. The higher the quality of wood, the more expensive it will be.

Kitchen Tables and Chairs

There are some used kitchen sets that will come with matching tables and chairs or in some cases an island. They will usually be perfectly matched to all of the other fixtures and furnishings of the used kitchen. It is important to consider how many people will need to be seated around the table at busy times like breakfast and dinner before deciding what table and chairs set is needed.

Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen worktops can come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, cuts and materials so be sure to research all of the different types available. The most popular used kitchen worktops available on eBay are oak and marble but there are more on offer. All of the kitchen worktops will be easy to clean and offer lots of space. Kitchen worktops will need to be fitted by a professional.

Kitchen Appliances

Various kitchen appliances can be integrated within a used kitchen. For instance there are many kitchens that have washing machines, fridges and dishwashers that are integrated within the kitchen cupboards. This means you can have all of the kitchen appliances that you need discreetly. These appliances may need a professional for installation so take that into consideration when budgeting for the used kitchen.

How to Buy Used Kitchen Fixtures and Furnishings on eBay

All the used kitchen items outlined in this are available to buy on eBay. Simply by searching for ‘kitchen wardrobes’ in the search bar on any eBay page, buyers will be presented with pages full of those particular items.

However if from reading the above a specific kitchen item has now been chosen, more specific searches can be done. For example, a search of ‘wall mounted kitchen wardrobe’ will produce a more specific search.

There are two ways to buy products on eBay and this is through bidding or the buy it now function.

· Bidding – Buyers can bid on the used kitchen product like a normal auction. The seller can put a reserve price on the product in case the auction does not reach their minimum requirement. Buyers will enter bids and will be notified via email whether you are the highest bidder or not.

· ‘Buy It Now’ – If the buyer does not want to wait for the auction to finish and the seller has opted for the ‘Buy It Now’ function there will be the option to buy the product at a set price which will be advertised and the buyer can buy the product there and then. This is good because the buyer is guaranteed to definitely get the product and to receive it quicker unlike using the bidding route.

You can search for the best deals on Used Kitchen items by checking in the Home and Lifestyle section. Some additional discounts are to be found, along with free postage costs.


Choosing a used kitchen that is right for your home is easy when taking the size, type, design and condition of the various units into consideration. Always be absolutely sure what you are buying is of the right size and condition before purchasing and never be shy to ask the seller any questions you many have. All of the used kitchen items mentioned in this guide are available to bid on and buy now in the Home and Garden: Kitchen section on eBay.

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