Your Guide to Buying an Affordable Little Black Dress

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Your Guide to Buying an Affordable Little Black Dress

A wardrobe staple, the little black dress is appropriate for any number of occasions, from everyday work wear to a sophisticated, exclusive soiree. eBay makes it easy to find a high quality, attractive little black dress at an affordable price. Available new and used, buyers can find affordable little black dress on eBay to suit any style and occasion, as well as every budget. Shoppers must explore all of their options, such as sale lines, seconds, ex-display, and used dresses to get the best bargain and find that perfectly elegant little black dress. Buying a simple, versatile dress is a great money-saving option as it negates the need to buy multiple dresses for different occasions.

How to Find an Affordable Little Black Dress

As an essential wardrobe item for many women, the little black dress is incredibly popular. To find an affordable little black dress when shopping on a budget without compromising on style or aesthetic appeal, consumers need to shop carefully and intelligently. There are a number of ways to find a gorgeous little black dress without breaking the bank.

Sale Dresses

Shopping in a sale is a very easy way of making big savings. Many sellers slash their prices when clearing old stock to make way for new. Some sellers also reduce their prices substantially when clearing old and discontinued lines and dresses from the previous season. Look for upcoming sales or sales already in progress to make great savings on little black dresses.


Dresses sold as factory or manufacturer seconds are offered at greatly reduced prices. Generally, these dresses have minor flaws, such as missing stitching, irregular stitching, a small rip, or other small imperfections. Because they are not pristine, these dresses are sold at bargain prices, with even high-end designer dresses, such as Prada,Gucci, and Michael Kors, at very affordable prices. Because the flaws are so minor, they are usually barely noticeable or easy to fix, which makes buying factory second dresses a great way to grab a real bargain.

Ex-display Dresses

Ex-display dresses are those that have previously been used as display models. They may have been displayed in a window, been tried on by other people, or had the labels removed, and so, they are sold at significantly less than their brand new counterparts. When buying an ex-display little black dress, it is important to make sure that it has not faded from being displayed in a window in direct sunlight. However, many of these dresses are in perfect condition, making them a great money-saving option.

Used Little Black Dresses

Sold at a fraction of the price of brand new models, used little black dresses offer substantial savings. The dress should be in excellent condition with plenty of wear left and should have no stains, tears, or other visible signs of wear. In good condition, a used option looks brand new and simply needs a wash according to the instructions on the label to freshen it up before you wear it.

Versatile Dresses

When buying a little black dress, be sure to purchase a versatile one. You can accessorise it with different items for different settings. For example, a smart, plain, black knee-length dress can be worn with a tailored jacket and simple jewellery for work. The same dress can be lifted with an attractivebolero jacket, a colouredbelt,sparkly heels or pumps, and jewellery for an evening event, such as a cocktail party or even a night out on the town. By purchasing a versatile dress to wear for many different settings, shoppers save money by limiting the number of dresses they need to buy to fulfil their social obligations.

Dress Size

Sizing a little black dress correctly is essential, whether a shopper chooses a bodycon dress or a traditional cocktail dress. Dresses that are too large do not hang correctly and look sloppy and unkempt. When a dress is too small, it clings unflatteringly in all the wrong places, with straining material particularly across the bust, stomach, and hips.










Standard Size









Bust (cm)









Waist (cm)









Hips (cm)









Measure your bust, waist, and hips to find the right size by referring to the chart. For measurements in between sizes, always opt for the larger size, ensuring a good, comfortable fit. Shoppers must also remember that different brands have different cuts, so sizing may be slightly different. For those with some skill as a seamstress, consider purchasing a dress that is slightly too large or too long, widening the choice of style when shopping on a budget. The dress can then simply be taken in, shortened, or otherwise altered to fit correctly.


When shopping for a little black dress, consider purchasing a dress for previous seasons to find affordable options. They are timeless garments and do not need to be at the cutting edge of fashion. When accessorised well, a dress in an older style can still look on trend.

How to Buy

eBay sellers offer a plethora of little black dresses at affordable prices. Simply enter your query into the search bar located on any eBay page, and the user-friendly website brings up a host of relevant listings to browse through. To refine your search, enter more specific search phrases, such as " Prada black dress size 10," or use the search filters for price and condition. To maximise your savings, some sellers, including many of those with top-rated status, provide free delivery with your order. Be a smart shopper and find a stunning and affordable little black dress for any occasion without breaking the bank by taking advantage of the large eBay marketplace and various eBay deals.

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