Your Guide to Buying an Affordable iPhone

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Your Guide to Buying an Affordable iPhone

The Apple iPhone is easily the most popular smartphone available on the market today. There have been six versions of the iPhone released since 2007, and this type of smartphone is considered by many to be the best option currently on the market. Although new iPhones can be quite expensive to buy, it is possible to find a suitable and affordable model by shopping on sites such as eBay.

Types of iPhone

Buyers considering investing in this brand of product, first need to determine what it is they need from the phone. All iPhones come equipped with a host of features, but the newer models contain more data space and as a result are more expensive. More data space results in more features and software.


The original iPhone was released in two sizes, with a third added at a later date. These are 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. All first generation iPhones have a black casing, and this model is no longer manufactured. A first generation iPhone will be the most affordable option, but buyers should be aware of the limitations this model has compared to later versions, and should double check that it will be compatible with their preferred network provider.

iPhone 3G/3GS

The 3G model was the next to be released, and is available in black only. 3G models can be bought as 8GB or 16GB. The 3GS model has a faster processor, and can be bought in black or white. The iPhone 3GS comes in 16GB and 32GB memory sizes. The 3GS also has a higher quality camera and an on-board compass.

iPhone 4/4S

Also available in black and white, the iPhone 4 was released in 2010 and includes new features such as an improved front facing camera, a 5-megapixel back camera, and the Apple A4 processor. The iPhone 4 is available with 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. The iPhone 4S was released the following year, and although identical in design, this model features the more powerful A5 processor, and the voice-recognition app Siri. The 4S model is available in black and white, and comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sizes.

iPhone 5

The latest and most expensive model on the list; the iPhone 5 has a slimmer and lighter design than the iPhone 4S. This model also features a longer screen. The iPhone 5 utilises Apple's iOS 6 mobile operating system, resulting in possibly the fastest reacting smartphone on the market today. As with previous models this version can be bought in black and white, and comes in three sizes; 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

Locked and Unlocked

This is a very important aspect of purchasing a smartphone that all buyers need to be aware of. If a phone is described as being locked, then this means that it has been sim-locked to a specific network provider and the owner will have to use that particular network. If it is unlocked then any network provider can be used with the device. All buyers should ensure that any iPhone they are considering purchasing has been unlocked, as this will allow them to connect to the network provider of their choice.

Used iPhones

Buyers may find that a desired iPhone model does not fall within their budget, and in such cases it is suggested that they consider buying a used model . Many iPhone users today upgrade when a new version is released, which means there are plenty of older models available to buy in near perfect condition. However, there are a few things buyers need to look out for.

The first thing is physical damage, as the iPhone should be in almost perfect condition. Examine photographs of the device and look for cracks in the screen or scratches. Request additional photographs if needed. Ensure that the iPhone is unlocked, as it will cost you additional money to have it unlocked when it arrives. Enquire about the battery life and how much talk time is available. Talk time refers to when the iPhone is in use, and this should be between five to eight hours. If it is any less then it is recommended searching for an alternative model. The majority of used iPhones sold today are in excellent condition, but it's always a good idea to be inquisitive regarding the external and internal condition of the device.

Buying Affordable iPhones on eBay

eBay is easily the best place where one can search for affordable iPhones, and the site has an unbeatable selection of new and used models. To start a search for a suitable iPhone, take the following steps.

· The next thing to do is click on the Apple filter found under the Brand heading in the Categories table to the left of the page. This will remove all mobile phones not relevant to the search.

· On the following listings page buyers can use the iPhone Model filter to choose between the various models, or they can enter the name of the model into the search bar. Remember to be as detailed as possible and include data sizes and desired colours.

· There are also a number of iPhones for sale at very reasonable prices on the Deals section of the website. To access this section first click on the eBay Deals link found on the top of the page, followed by the Phones link within the Electronics tab.


Although the Apple iPhone is the most popular smartphone on the market today, it is very easy to find an affordable model. eBay is the best place to search for affordable iPhones, but buyers need to ensure they know which iPhone would be most suitable for them, and that the phone is in good working condition and is unlocked. There is also the option of buying a used model, but buyers doing so should enquire about the phone's physical condition and battery life.

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