Your Guide to Buying an Affordable iPhone 5 Case

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Your Guide to Buying an Affordable iPhone 5 Case

For many people, a case for their iPhone 5 is a necessary purchase. There are a number of different reasons why people buy cases for their iPhone, and there is a large selection to choose from. The following guide shall examine some of the more popular types of iPhone 5 cases, and explain how to find an affordable model on eBay.

iPhone 5 Cases

There really is a multitude of iPhone 5 cases to choose from, and as a result it is advised that all buyers spend some time considering what type of case would suit them best. iPhone 5 cases can be manufactured from a range of materials, and different materials offer different features. The following are among the most popular types of iPhone 5 case sold today.




Pouches and sleeves completely cover the iPhone 5 and help to keep it protected from scratches. Although many pouches feature some additional padding, these cases will not protect the device from sharp drops. Pouches are easily the least expensive option, but buyers who choose such a case will have to pull their iPhone out every time they want to use it.




This form of iPhone case is extremely popular, and consists of a plastic or metal shell that covers the device. Shells do not offer very much protection, and tend to be used more so for aesthetic purposes. Shell cases have no front cover so the device can be used while it's in the case. The shell should also have an opening in the back to allow the camera to take photographs.




Skins are essentially the same as shell cases but are instead made from rubber or silicone. Thicker skins provide decent protection, as the flexible materials are good at absorbing shock. Buyers considering purchasing a skin case should look for those that have a grip design, as this will prevent slippage.




Wallet and flip cases are popular among older iPhone users, and come in a number of materials including leather. A wallet case incorporates a wallet's "book" design with one panel used for storing money and cards, and the other used to store the iPhone. Flip cases have the same design but lack the pockets and pouches to carry additional items.

Affordable iPhone 5 Cases

The good thing about iPhone 5 cases is that like most of the other accessories developed for this device, cases are generally available to buy for very reasonable prices. Buyers will find that the majority of cases on the market are similarly priced. However, there are some models that are expensive and these may cost more than they buyer's budget allows. If this occurs then try searching for a used case. These are sold for lower prices than new models, and buyers can list used cases by clicking on the Condition filter in the Categories table. Another good way to find affordable iPhone 5 cases is by visiting eBay Deals, a section of the website that sells products at a reduced price. To find the relevant page, first click on the Deals link found at the top of every page. When the page has loaded, click on the Mobile Phone Accessories link under the Phones heading in the Electronics tab. New stock is constantly added to eBay Deals, so buyers should check here every time they visit the website.

Buying iPhone 5 Cases on eBay

eBay has a unrivalled selection of new and used smartphones and smartphone accessories. Products sold on eBay are generally more affordable than those found in retailers and on specialist websites. To start a search for a suitable iPhone 5 case, head to and take the following simple steps.

· Once the homepage has loaded, buyers should click on the Mobile Phones & Accessories link that can be found in the Electronics drop down menu on the left hand side of the page. On the following page buyers should then click on the Case, Covers, Skins link found in the Mobile Accessories tab.

· When the listings page has loaded, scroll down to the Compatible Brand heading in the Categories table and click on For Apple . This will list Apple related products only. Type the name of the chosen type of case into the search bar and press enter e.g. iPhone 5 Flip Case. Buyers should then use the Price filter to list products that are within their set budget.


There are a number of different iPhone 5 cases that can be bought, but all buyers are advised to choose one they feel is suitable for them and their lifestyle. Some cases offer protection from scratches and cracks, while others are used more for aesthetic purpose. Regardless of reason, buyers are guaranteed to find a suitable and affordable case for their iPhone 5 on eBay.

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