Your Guide to Buying an Evening Bag on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying an Evening Bag on eBay

Nearly every woman encounters a number of upscale occasions over the course of her lifetime. These may be balls, galas, or even particularly glamourous weddings. In order to prepare for these types of events, a proper outfit is essential. This includes not only a dress, but also the accompanying accessories, such as an evening bag. Carrying an evening bag to a party is by far the best way to keep track of important articles, like money and mobile phones. There are many types of evening bags available for sale on eBay in a variety of styles, colours, and materials. No matter what the occasion, there is surely an evening bag available on eBay that can suit any taste as long as the shopper knows how to search for it.

Consider the Occasion

In order to purchase a handbag on eBay, a good first step is to consider the occasion for which the bag is necessary. While some events, like weddings, may be well-suited to small evening bags, others require more storage space and less sparkle. For instance, it would not make much sense to carry an evening bag to an event like a picnic where you likely want to carry some bulky items, and where an evening bag is out of place. If you determine that an evening bag is indeed the right choice, you can then begin the search on eBay in earnest.

Match the Bag to an Outfit

An evening bag is such a key ingredient to an overall look that it is important that the bag is matched properly to the dress that is worn. Different people have differing opinions about how best to do this. Some women prefer their bag to match the dress exactly, while others like some contrast between the dress and evening bag. In general, it is much easier to match a bag to a dress than the other way around, so consider choosing an outfit before shopping for an evening bag on eBay. Further, when you know which colour of bag you are looking for, you can better use the eBay search filters to your advantage by sorting by colour or material.

Evening Bag Colours

The colour of an evening bag is certainly an important part of matching the bag to an outfit. Although an evening bag can come in virtually any colour, the following table outlines some of the most popular evening bag colours as well as to which type of occasion they are best suited.





A simple and elegant evening bag colour

Virtually any black tie event or even a funeral


Certain to draw attention

A glamourous party or dance club


Such as gold or silver evening bags, can be matched to an outfit's jewellry

Evening weddings or dance clubs


Add something special to a solid colour dress

Any event where a loud pattern is not inappropriate

In order to find the perfect colour of evening bag on eBay, you can use the eBay filters as well as look at the photos provided in the eBay listings. Keep in mind that depending on the quality of the photo and your computer monitor, the exact colour may be difficult to discern, but a general colour should be easy to determine.

Choose a Type of Evening Bag

Another good way to sort through the many available evening bags on eBay is to choose a specific type. While the term "evening bag" describes mainly the purpose of the bag, there are many different shapes and styles that have an impact on how the bag is carried and how it looks. Some of the most common evening bag styles are clutches, shoulder bags, and wristlets.


The clutch is a very popular style for an evening bag. Its name is indicative of what a woman must do in order to carry this type of bag, which is to clutch it. There is no strap or handle. Searching for a clutch on eBay is likely to return both evening bag styles as well as more casual clutches, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. You can use the eBay filters to your advantage in order to find clutches that are the right colour and material for an evening bag in this instance.


A wristlet bag is somewhere in between a clutch and a shoulder bag. It does not require the owner to hold onto it all night because it has a small, short strap that loops around the wrist. This can be very useful if, for instance, the bag is taken dancing. The wrist strap means it cannot easily be dropped. Some wristlet bags on eBay may be categorised as clutches when, in reality, they have a hidden wrist strap, so be sure to examine photos and read product descriptions carefully if you are looking for a wristlet.

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are more similar to other types of handbags than clutches in that they offer a long strap so that they can be carried over the shoulder. Some women prefer not to use shoulder straps at events that require gowns, for purely aesthetic reasons. However, many evening shoulder bags have stylish or decorative straps that can add extra pizzazz to an outfit. Browse for smaller shoulder bags or evening shoulder bags on eBay to find this style of bag.

Consider Used Evening Bags

When shopping for an evening bag on eBay, you may want to consider looking for used evening bags as well as new evening bags. Many women lament the fact that sometimes an evening bag is only appropriate for one occasion. Being able to find a deal on evening bags by choosing a used one can make the purchase less frustrating, even if the bag is only used once. If you do opt for a used evening bag, just be sure to check the photos for any damage that may exist and ask the seller any questions you may have about the condition of the bag before buying.

How to Buy an Evening Bag on eBay

Upon choosing the perfect evening bag for your needs from among the many that are available on eBay, you can proceed with completing your purchase. Remember that the seller of the bag you choose may also have similar listings of items that are interesting to you. Take the time to explore those listings if you have other needs beyond a single evening bag.

As when making any purchase on eBay, it is important to make sure that any questions are answered that you may have about a handbag before going through with the transaction. Luckily, this is quite easy to do on eBay since there is an interface designed for contacting sellers directly. Simply send a message to the evening bag's seller with any questions you have about shipping, the condition of the product, or any other concerns. When you have satisfactory answers, you can make your purchase with confidence and await the arrival of your new evening bag.


There are many important pieces that tie together any outfit, from casual wear to beach clothes. However, dressing for glamourous events that require gowns or evening dresses can require even more attention to detail. One of the more important elements of any such outfit is the evening bag. No one wants to be caught without important items, like car keys or proper identification, and evening gowns are rarely equipped with pockets for these objects. An evening bag is the perfect solution to carrying bare necessities to a sophisticated event. Finding an evening bag on eBay is a great choice because, with so many sellers from around the world with such a wide variety of bags, it is easy to find the perfect one to complement any occasion and any taste. Use the eBay search functions to browse evening bags quickly and easily and the perfect bag is sure to present itself.

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