Your Guide to Buying an In-ground Pool

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Your Guide to Buying an In-ground Pool

The ultimate garden accessory when it comes to the summer months is a permanent in-ground pool. It’s something that adds both value to the property and makes life that little bit easier once the temperature soars into three figures.

Buying an in-ground pool is no easy task and the countless items available on eBay make the task easier so that nothing is forgotten about. The guide below helps buyers work out the right type of pool for their garden, the extra components needed and how to purchase one safely and securely using eBay.

What Makes an In-Ground Pool Unique

Large-scale swimming pools are generally split into two different categories:

-   In-Ground Pools.

-   Above-Ground Pools.

Each has its benefits with in-ground pools more suitable for larger gardens and buyers that own their home, as well as a more favorable climate. Above-ground pools, on the other hand, are better when a garden is slightly smaller or a more short-term solution is needed.

Types of In-Ground Pool

After deciding that you want an in-ground pool, the next decision to be made concerns the material used to construct the pool itself. There are three main types and all are explained further in the table below:




· Popular type of material that allows the buyer to create a pool of any shape.

· Level of customization means it’s usually the most expensive option.

· Strongest type of material available and takes the longest to install.


· Lining is flexible and cut to fit inside a pre-dug hole in the ground.

· This is attached to a wall made from either steel or aluminum.

· Most come rectangular, although some can be customized.

· More affordable than concrete.

· There’s a risk the lining can be punctured by sharp objects and a heavy-duty lining is recommended.


· Made in a factory to be a specific shape.

· This is then lowered into a hole in the ground that has already been dug.

· Limit in the range of shapes is offset by the quick installation time.

· Most have a smooth finish and holes don’t usually occur.

· Best affordability of any of the type of pools.

Pool Shape

In-ground pools, especially those made from vinyl or fiberglass, come in a variety of preset shapes. The ones commonly available are as follows:

-   Rectangle

-   Roman

-   Grecian

-   Oval

-   Kidney

These are in addition to the custom sized pools that are mainly made from concrete and sometimes vinyl.

In-Ground Pool Components

After deciding on a pool material, there are a whole range of other components that must be bought in order for it to function correctly. The following list outlines the additions that must be made as well as a description alongside:

-   Ladders. Essential so that users can get in and out of the pool safely.

-   Filters. Keeps the water clean and need regular maintenance to make sure they’re working correctly.

-   Pump. Gets water into the pool and enables it to flow constantly.

-   Cover. When the pool isn’t being used, the cover makes it so that it doesn’t become easily polluted as the cover prevents dirt entering the water.

-   Pipes. If a pool needs to be filled this will be the connection from the tap to the pool. Useful as water has to be changed regularly when in use.

-   Heater. Not essential but useful for pools where the weather is changeable as the heater can regulate the water temperature.

-   Cleaner. Buying some sort of mechanical pool cleaner guarantees that it will stay cleaner and is less work than cleaning it yourself. Sometimes referred to as a chlorinator.

-   Other Non-essential Accessories. Various other accessories make the pool experience safer and more fun. These include: Slides, Diving Boards, Fencing, Fountains, Lights and Floor Padding.

Buying Considerations for an In-Ground Pool

Much thought must go into the process that precedes buying an in-ground pool with everything from the size of the space to how much is in the bank having to be thought about. Below is a list of considerations that should be made:

· Garden Size. Perhaps the main thing to take into account is the size of the space the in-ground pool is supposed to fit into. Most of the pools available for sale on eBay will have dimensions and measurements in the description and if they aren’t present, simply Ask the Seller. Remember to leave plenty of space around the edge of the pool so users can get in and out.

· Supply of Water. Every pool needs to have a supply of water nearby so that it can be emptied and refilled as often as is required. Outdoor taps are ideal for this purpose.

· Budget. Having an amount in mind before researching an in-ground pool saves time by limiting the amount of pools that have to be sifted through.

· Long-term Considerations. Over time, in-ground pools will need care and attention to make sure they remain usable. Maintenance costs can sometimes rise and buyers must be prepared for this before purchasing.

· Insurance. Buyers may want to get some kind of insurance against damage to the pool. The high price of in-ground pools makes insurance an attractive option and affordable insurance is available from a number of firms.

· Credible Building Firm. Getting advice from a firm before building a pool is a good plan to make sure everything goes smoothly. Some buyers may even want to enlist their services so that it’s installed correctly.

How to Buy an In-Ground Pool on eBay

Online retailers that sell in-ground pools aren’t in short demand and there are hundreds for sale on eBay. As one of the largest locations to buy swimming pools, the site has a large number of sellers that will only be too happy in helping buyers choose the correct pool for their yard. Finding an item on eBay is simple and the following steps outline the easiest ways to find in-ground pools.

· Categories Search. To find in-ground pools right from the site’s home page is painless. First, click on the ‘Shop by category’ tab on the home page and from the drop down list select ‘Home & Garden’. On the following page, a list of options will appear on the left side. Buyers should scroll through until they reach ‘Outdoor Living’ and hover over it. Another list will come up from which buyers will select ‘Pool, Spa, Beach’. To narrow this down to pools, click on the ‘Pools’ option on the left side of the page. Making the selection just show in-ground pools can be done by typing ‘in ground’ into the search bar at the top of the page.

· Item Condition. Narrowing down the selection further is easy with the condition the only real option available to buyers. The list can be thinned out to show just ‘Brand New’ items or ‘Used’ ones.

· Search Terms. Buyers that know what they’re looking for will find the site’s search feature the easiest way to come across items. Simply type search terms into the box present at the head of any eBay page and click search to find them. The search can be adjusted using the drop down list to the right of the box.

· Safety Precautions. There is an extensive transaction history held by eBay for anyone that has ever sold an item. Buyers can look through any seller’s feedback and it will help you to decide whether to complete a purchase or not.

· eBay Deals. Buyers can take advantage of special deals on home & lifestyle items, including swimming pools, by visiting the deals part of the site. One-time prices are available and everything listed has free postage included.


Buying a swimming pool is something that requires great thought and consideration with those buyers looking for the best experience opting for an in-ground pool. This guide, along with eBay’s reputable sellers, is there to assist all buyers as they look to enhance their garden offering for the summer. eBay has a huge number of products for sale and something that is affordable enough for everyone.

When ready to complete a transaction remember to use PayPal to make sure it goes through safely and securely.

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