Your Guide to Buying an iPad 2

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Your Guide to Buying an iPad 2

An iPad 2 is a not only a great investment for working professionals but also for use at home. They are small, compact and make great gifts. A step forward from its predecessor the iPad, the iPad 2 is thinner, lighter and a more powerful tablet. However, alongside these advancements remains the tablets original features that make the iPad the leading device in the technological world.

As with all technical purchases, there are considerations to take into account before clicking ‘buy'. This guide aims to offer a practical asses sment on how to buy an iPad 2. eBay's extensive range and secure website buying an iPad 2 is easy.

Decisions to Take into Consideration When Purchasing an iPad 2

Whilst the decision to purchase an iPad 2 has been made, there are a number of other considerations to decide upon. These are outlined below.


It is important to note that there is currently no way to upgrade the devices storage capabilities. The iPad 2 comes with three different storage capacities. These are:

The larger the GB, the greater the storage capacity. This decision will be largely based around what the device will be used for. For example, if the device is to store music and movies this will require adequate space (dependant on the user's library). Be sure to take into consideration the expected growth of this collection and the devices capacity to accommodate for the addition of new songs, albums and movies.

Users who intend on using the tablet for surfing the web and emails will not require as much space as those who wish to store a large number of Apps.

Wi-Fi verses 3G

The next decision to consider is whether the device will beWi-Fi or 3G. It is important to note that all devices currently connect to Wi-Fi, however 3G is an additional extra added onto the tablet. 3G allows the user to access the internet outside of Wi-Fi zones similar to smart phones. What differs between the iPad 2 and a smart phone is that a 3G package can be purchased on a month-by-month basis or a lengthy plan.

The best way to make this decision is to look at how and when the device will be used. If in the range of Wi-Fi for the majority of time this will be suffice. It is also worth considering the devices ability to tether to a smart phone. Tethering allows the user to access their phones data package to use the internet outside of a Wi-Fi area.

iPad 2 Accessories

There are hundreds of different iPad 2 accessories available on the market to fulfil every requirement and suit every taste. These include (but are not limited to):

Wireless Keypad

If the iPad 2 will be used for writing, whether that be emailing, updating documents or browsing the internet, a wireless keypad allows the user to use the tablet similar to a desktop computer or laptop. This is not an essential accessory as the device allows the user to type on the screen using the inbuilt keypad and touch screen.


The case is an essential accessory. It not only protects the tablet from unforeseen accidents and general wear and tear, but can also act as a stand.

iPad 2 Docking Station

The iPad 2 docking station works in a similar way as an iPod doc. It allows the user to position the device in an upright position to charge, sync to other devices or amplify music or video.

Buying Considerations

  • Cost. The different features available on the iPad 2 will affect the cost. The amount of storage and 3G capabilities will factor into the overall price of the product. Be sure to allow for all incidentals including postage and handling into the budget.
  • GPS. This application is only available on the 3G models.
  • Aesthetic. The iPad 2 is available in two colours, black or white. As a long term investment it is important to take time to consider the look of the product. Be sure to take into account that the cover and other accessories will also enhance the aesthetic of the tablet.

How to Buy an iPad 2 on eBay

Purchasing an iPad 2 on eBay is easy. A leader in its field, eBay is a safe, secure and simple site and easy to navigate and purchase items from. There are several ways to search for an iPad 2, by using the keyword search bar located at the top of every page, advance search or by searching via the categories options. Payment can be made either by using PayPal a third party site or by credit or debit cards. Items will be shipped directly to the requested address.


A new and improved version of Apples first tablet – the iPad, the iPad 2 lives up to the original standard set in place. The fact that it is easy to use makes it an accessible device for every member of the household or work place. The lightweight design and long battery life allows it to travel between work and home.

eBay offers the opportunity to purchase both the iPad 2 and all necessary accessories in the one shop.

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