Your Guide to Buying an iPhone 4 Case and Accessory Set

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Your Guide to Buying an iPhone 4 Case and Accessory Set

Upon purchasing an iPhone 4, the user will be advised to purchase a case in order to protect its appearance and preserve its complete functionality. There is a wide variety of cases available as well as accessory sets. eBay offers many different case styles as well as accessory sets containing different components and can be a great starting place for new users.

Buying Considerations for an iPhone 4 Case and Accessory Set

There are many aspects that need to be researched when deciding what case and accessory set style to chose. Initially design and cost are important as well as durability, condition, delivery length and contents of the set itself. Selecting a set that will fit with the user's lifestyle and manner of phone use is important and can help avoid disappointment. In regards to the accessory set, these tend to come with different content and again this must be tailored to the consumer. Often they come with in car chargers, iPhone cleaning equipment and replacement screen covers. Searching on websites such as eBay can provide the user with all the information needed to make a well informed purchase at the best price.

The Different Case Types

There are many different case types that can be applicable to the iPhone 4, and these will be discussed below, before the guide takes a look at the accessory sets.

Sleeves and Pouches:

This case type often offers the most protection as the entire phone is covered. The come in a variety of materials and colours ranging from neoprene to cloth and by design the phone would need to be completely removed for use.


These cases are often attached to the user's belt or bag strap and are regularly made from leather. This is a favorite with business types and protects the entire phone, again the device would need to be completely removed prior to use.

Outer Shells:

The outer shell case covers the back of the iphone 4 and allows unrestricted access to all of the phones features. This is a case that favours those who keep their phones in a pocket or purse and is used regularly throughout a day. These cases only protect against scratches and small bumps and wouldn't withstand a drop or large shock. Consider a hard or transparent case if the user is looking to maintain the phones shiny exterior. In addition, cases that protrude over the edge can help in some way protect the front of the phone also. These cases don't tend to add bulk to the phone either.

Rubber Skins:

This type of case encloses the phone with a layer of silicone rubber and tends to be extremely simple to remove from the device. The level of protection isn't high, however is lightweight and will help prevent scratches.


This case type is the most minimal as it only covers the outer edge of the device. It allows the true look of the phone to shine through while preventing some damage.

Flip Cases:

These offer a lot of protection but can often be quite bulky; they are regularly made of leather and can double up as a stand for the iPhone. This case allows full access and is seen as the compromise case.

Gym Armbands:

This case is designed for the user who works out and can secure the phone during training. It is important to maintain this case type to ensure the phone doesn't slip out during exercise.

Ultimate Case:

This is the adventure case and is designed for those who will treat their iPhone roughly. They enclose the entire case and sometimes limit the functionality of it but some do prevent water and sand damage.

Accessory Set Content:

The accessory set differs in content depending on where the user purchases from. Many offer in car chargers, cleaning kits and adhesive replacements for the front of the phone. Some offer in car holders, entire case replacements as well as new USB leads. eBay sells a great variety of both cases and accessory sets, in some cases; both are combined.

How to Buy an iPhone 4 Case and Accessory Set on eBay

Simply type in the key phrase, "iPhone 4 Case and Accessory Set" and eBay will generate an often vast results page. The user can then use the filtering system on the website in order to arrange the results that appear based on price, condition, colour and many more. This category system can provide the user with all the options needed to make the well informed choice. Two individual searches will also be beneficial to the user, one for the case and the other the accessory set. eBay's rating system can help the user to decipher which seller to use.


This guide has provided information about prospectiveiPhone 4 cases and accessory sets and has explained what options are available. eBay is a great place to be begin searching and can provide the user with all the information needed to make the correct, informed choice to suit their circumstances.

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