Your Guide to Choosing Motorcycle Riding Boots

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Your Guide to Choosing Motorcycle Riding Boots

The last thing on the minds of a novice motorcycle rider is probably choosing riding boots. New riders are often much more concerned with the motorcycle itself, and may only give a passing thought to safety wear. However, if you have a bike, you should know what to wear to keep you safe, and this includes choosing the right motorcycle boots.

Two paramount considerations when choosing motorcycle riding boots are 1) foot protection, and 2) the ease with which the rider can operate the foot brake and clutch. By learning about the different types of motorcycle boot, boot buyers can make an informed decision and avoid costly buying mistakes.

How to Buy the Right Size Boots

If you are buying motorcycle boots for a young passenger on your bike, you should always err on side of too large, just as you would for normal shoes. Motorcycle boots can be expensive, so a larger shoe allows the young person's feet to grow into the boots. When the boots are new, an extra pair of socks can guard against chafing and blisters.

When buying for an adult, pay careful attention to the advertised sizes of any boots on offer. If you intend to buy from abroad, then be aware that international shoe sizes are notoriously incompatible, so a few minutes spent checking international size comparison is time well spent.

The table below lists a comparison of typical shoe sizes in Europe and the US.

























Manufacturer sizes vary slightly. Wearing thick or thin socks can change the way the boot feels by fractions of a centimetre.

Motorcycle Boot Safety

When operating a motorcycle at speed, your feet are only inches away from the road surface. And when cornering, they may only millimetres away from the tarmac. This should offer some perspective on how important foot protection is.

When you consider different types of motorcycle boot, you should always choose those with safety over style. Many motorcycle boots come with both toe and ankle protection. In the case of accident or collision, this type of protection helps keep riders from suffering otherwise catastrophic foot injuries.

Operating the Foot Pedals

Proper, well-designed, and well-constructed motorcycle boots should always have a flexible ankle. This facilitates the movement of the feet, both downwards for the foot brake pedal, and backwards and forwards for operating the gearshift. Buyers should also pay attention to the grip of the boots. While Wellington boots may seem ideal for wear during a motorcycle ride, the large, inflexible nature of their soles, coupled with their large tread, make wearing them whilst riding a motorcycle impractical. The boot needs to grip the pedals properly. This is particularly true of the brake pedal, should the need for sharp braking arise.

Heeled or Flat-Soled Boots

Many experienced bike riders choose to wear boots with a low heel. This type of heel keeps the motorcycle operator's feet in the correct place and prevents them from slipping off of the foot pedals. However, but many riders (often younger ones) choose boots with no heel at all, for style purposes. There is no right choice between heels or flat-soled boots. The decision is entirely up to the individual rider.

Leather vs. Manmade Motorcycle Riding Boots

Whilst there have been many great advances in motorcycle technology, particularly in the demanding field of footwear, many riders still prefer the feel and performance of leather boots. Fortunately, buyers have several options to choose from. For instance, buyer can find uppers and soles that are 100 per cent man made, 100 per cent leather, or a combination of leather uppers with man-made soles. Riders find the latter very appealing, because it allows them to enjoy the luxury, shine, and look of the leather upper, and with the hard wearing qualities and durability of manmade soles.

Styles of Motorcycle Boots

There are many different styles of motorcycle boot to choose from. From t he classic 1950s and 1960s leather boot to the ultra-modern streamlined boots favoured by professional mo torcyclists of the racing track, they are all available at many footwear shops, motorcycle specialty stores, and at online marketplaces like eBay.

Of course, choosing the style of your boots is an entirely personal thing, and some riders have more than one pair of boots, so they can choose which fits best for the attire they happen to be wearing that day.

How to Buy Motorcycle Riding Boots from eBay

While a simple search of " motorcycle riding boots" brings up many hundreds of choices from a search box on any eBay page, you can easily narrow the results by adding appropriate keywords into your search. For example, if you are in the market for a particular colour of boot, then simply preface your search with that colour. The term, " black motorcycle boots" restricts the search to only boots of that colour. Alternatively, you can browse hundreds of deals on eBay.

If you are unsure of what size boot to buy, take note of the the seller's returns policy. If they are agreeable, it may be possible to buy two pairs of different sized boots, and then return the ones that are the wrong size. However, you should always warn the seller that this is what you intend to do.

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