Your Guide to Choosing an Affordable Bed Frame

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Your Guide to Choosing an Affordable Bed Frame

People do not often place a lot of emphasis on selecting bed frames because bed skirts generally accompany manybedding sets. In essence, people do not often take note of the bed frames. However, selecting a good bed frame is not always about appearance. It is also about comfort. The budget is often the turning point in a bed frame selection, but "affordable" is a relative term depending on the amount of money each individual has to spend.

Before you begin the shopping process, you need to create a personal budget, and then consider the available bed frame sizes, styles, and their suitability to your needs. Once you are fully aware of all the available options, you can then decide where to compromise to suit the budget, if necessary.

Bed Frame Sizes

When selecting a bed frame, consider two main things: the number and body size of occupants, and the size of the room itself. The sections below discuss each of these in some depth.


The number of people sleeping in the room determines the size bed that you need. For instance, if the bed is for two adults, a twin bed cannot suffice; you have to consider at least a double bed. Also, if one or both persons are of larger-than-average size, a queen or king bed is more suitable. However, a bunk bed can work well for two small children or young teenagers.

Room Size

Sometimes, users must find a compromise between bed size and the room size. While you may feel more comfortable getting a queen or king-sized bed , the size of the room may not accommodate furniture of that size. Choose the most comfortable bed size for the occupants, while ensuring that it does not overwhelm the living space.

Bed Frame Types

There are various types of bed frames available, and each bed type has something different to offer. The budget plays an integral part in the type of bed frame that you select, but you should understand what is available (and the features of each) before falling back to the budget.

Divan Bed Frames

When you enter a furniture and bedding store, you may notice that divan bed frames are among the most popular. Divan bed frames are standard bed bases that are separate from the mattress and headboard . Divan bases are sometimes fabric-wrapped with designs to match those on the mattress, though some are simple, rectangular wooden frames.

Advantages of a Divan Bed Frame

Divan bed frames are the least expensive of all bed frame types, and they are available in almost every furniture store. You can find them in various sizes and shapes, and some even have drawers in the base for storage.

Disadvantages of a Divan Bed Frame

Divan bed frames have a few disadvantages, especially when buyers are on a budget. They do not offer much in terms of style or designs, and manufacturers do not always build them with the additional storage space. Moreover, fabric-wrapped bases can soil easily.

Storage Bed Frames

If storage and room space is your main concern, then storage bed frames are a great choice. They resemble a divan base, but their insides are hollow, allowing you to store clothing, bed linen, and other items. Some storage bed frames require users to lift the mattress up to access the storage area, while others have one or more drawers that pull out. Storage bed frames sometimes have an attached headboard, which adds a little more style to the bed.

Advantages of a Storage Bed Frame

The advantage of a storage bed frame is the additional storage space, which makes it a good choice for small apartments or small bedrooms. You can select from several storage options that suit your decor and budget.

Disadvantages of a Storage Bed Frame

It can be time consuming and awkward to lift the mattress every time you want to access the storage space. Additionally, they can be heavy, and it can be difficult to access the storage space if the lifting mechanism fails.

Platform Bed Frames

Platform bed frames focus less on functionality than on decoration. You can find them in various designs, colours, and finishes you can use to accentuate your decor. They are mostly single wooden units with legs and headboard already attached. Some are metallic or wrapped in fabric.

Advantages of a Platform Bed Frame

Platform bed frames are ideal for homeowners who focus on interior decoration, since they offer many style options. Additionally, platform beds do not require buyers to purchase a separate headboard.

Disadvantages of a Platform Bed Frame

Platform bed frames generally require self-assembly, and can be more costly than other bed types. They do not have storage space, and storing items underneath does not always look neat.

The table below examines several types of frames and their advantages and disadvantages:

Type of Frame




Least expensive

Available everywhere

Few choices

No extra storage

Cloth can soil


Extra storage space

Inconvenient to access storage area



Many styles

No headboard required

Require more assembly

More expensive

How to Buy an Affordable Bed Frame on eBay

Finding an affordable bed frame on eBay is very easy. First, enter "bed frames" into the search field on any eBay web page. When the website loads the search results, you can immediately start browsing through the selection to find a bed frame that suits you. You can also narrow down the results by activating various filters, including brand name, colour, and material.

If you have already established your budget, you can also filter the options to only include bed frames within a specific price range. You can also narrow the initial search result by refining your search term. For instance, you could enter " queen bed frame " to eliminate all other bed frame sizes from the search result. eBay's search engine and filters makes it simple to find an affordable bed frame that also suits your taste.

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