Your Guide to Finding Bargains for Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tyres

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Your Guide to Finding Bargains for Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tyres

Harley Davidson has established a reputation for manufacturing some of the finest motorcycles, as well as motorcycle parts and tyres should select among several buying criteria and consider factors that influence tyre prices.

What to Consider Before Choosing Harley Davidson Tyres

Harley Davidson tyre buyers have varied viewpoints about what constitutes tyre bargains. Some buyers consider Harley Davidson tyres a bargain because the tyres save owners money on petrol purchases. To find the best Harley Davidson tyre bargain, buyers need to consider tyre features, longevity, size, and speed rating.

Features of Harley Davidson Tyres

As with motorcycles, Harley Davidson tyres can include a number of features. All-season tyres may not increase fuel efficiency, but the tyres provide superior traction for every type of road condition. Harley Davidson constructs some tyre models to handle the most extreme road conditions, such as snow and ice covered roads. The company typically places a severe weather icon on the specialised weather tyres. Specialty tyres cost more money than standard fuel economy tyres and most Harley Davidson dealers do not negotiate on specialty tyre prices. Determine which features match your buying parameters before you shop for Harley Davidson tyre bargains.

Longevity of Harley Davidson Tyres

Harley Davidson tyre lifespan represents an indirect way to find tyre bargains. Harley Davidson provides estimates on how long the company expects each tyre model to last. The factors that impact tyre longevity include elevation, road contours, and climate. All-season tyres should possess lifespans between 65,000 and 160,000 km, while high-performance specialty tyres last between 45,000 and 110,000 km. However, Harley Davidson does not place a price premium on all-season tyres because of longevity. This means buyers pay the same price or a lower price for tyres that last longer than specialty tyres. All-season tyres provide the best bargain because of their longevity.

Size of Harley Davidson Tyres

Buyers must know which size of tyres they need if they expect to save money shopping for Harley Davidson tyres. Motorcycle manufacturers design handle bars to work with specific tyre sizes. Any deviation from the correct size tyre can cause tyre degradation and damage to some of the bike components. Review the specifications Harley Davidson provides for each type of motorbike that the company sells and closely follow the tyre size specifications. Choosing the correct tyre size not only helps buyers save money in tyre and motorcycle part replacement costs, it also prevent serious injuries that lead to onerous healthcare bills.

Speed Rating of Harley Davidson Tyres

High-performance specialty tyres can reach speeds up to 300 kilometres per hour. However, most Harley Davidson tyre buyers do not need to go that fast. Buyers can save money by purchasing tyres that possess standard speed ratings. All-season tyres typically include standard speed ratings that provide enough speed for everyday commutes and backcountry excursions. Moreover, higher speed ratings translate into shorter tyre lifespans. Tyre replacement costs play a significant role in determining whether buyers can garner Harley Davidson tyre bargains.

Factors That Influence Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tyre Prices

Several factors influence whether Harley Davidson motorcycle tyre buyers can find bargains. One way to find bargains involves shopping at Harley Davidson dealers that run periodic sales on everything from motorcycle tyres to Harley Davidson accessories . Harley Davidson dealers may have an overabundance of certain tyre types and they must offer discounted prices to pare down inventory. The following table lists the factors that influence Harley Davidson motorcycle tyre prices.

Bargain Factor


Wrecking yard

Many owners negotiate price

Owners pay little for some Harley Davidson tyres and pass on savings to customers

Low overhead equals lower prices


Bargains found on classified advertisement websites

Many online sellers negotiate on price

Buyers more likely to find sellers who bundle motorcycle parts and accessories

eBay provides best selection of discounted Harley Davidson tyres

Free mounting

Free service provided by some dealers and motorcycle mechanics

Off the bike means wheels removed and tyres mounted in shop

On the bike requires mechanics to jack up the bike for tyre mounting


Some warranties enhance purchase value of motorcycle tyre

Manufacturer warranty may cover every type of tyre or only cover a few models

Shop-issued warranties closely linked to tyre tread wear

In addition to conducting business with eBay sellers who bundle Harley Davidson parts and accessories, buyers can find bargains on virtually brand new tyres. Some eBay sellers change their minds about their tyre selections and decide to offer the tyres on eBay at discounted prices. In most cases, the sellers have not put any kilometres on the tyres.

Buying Harley Davidson Tyres on eBay

eBay has become a popular destination for buyers who want to find high-quality products at affordable prices. With diligent research and shopping patience, you can find bargains on Harley Davidson tyres by shopping on eBay. Utilise eBay's search engine to target sellers who match your buying criteria. You can search for sellers by typing in motorbike conditions, such as brand new or used . Another search parameter to consider involves seller location. You may experience an unexpected tyre blowout that requires immediate delivery of an affordable Harley Davidson tyre sold on eBay. The best way to ensure fast delivery from eBay sellers involves only considering sellers who live in Australia . Sellers post delivery terms on their product pages, along with information that concerns accepted payment methods.

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