Your Guide to Intermediate Level Boxing Gloves

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Wanting to get more serious about your boxing? Well before you do that, make sure you are equipped with the right boxing gloves. In order to choose the right pair, be sure to look for the following:

Durable knuckle padding

When beginning to get involved in light sparring, the gloves being used have to be able to absorb the shock from the increased amount of punches being landed on the opponent. In many cases these same gloves will also be used for bag and mitt work. For these reasons, the padding on the striking surface of the gloves has to be quite durable and able to deal with the extra punching load as well as be able to last long enough to make the gloves worth buying.
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Ringside Limited Edition IMF TECH™ Sparring Gloves 16oz

Secure, flexible wrist hinge

When hitting a heavy bag the most important thing is wrist stability, however when sparring this changes and wrist flexibility becomes important as well. When sparring, the gloves come in contact with surfaces as hard as the forehead so wrist protection must still be solid enough to absorb such shock. Gloves are also put in unusual positions at times that require flexibility at the wrist hinge in order to be able to deal with these.

Palm Padding

Something very much underrated in boxing gloves is the padding placed on the palms. This is especially important when practising your defense by catching punches. Also known as parrying, this skill is at the essence of boxing defense and if used properly can occur tens of times in a sparring session. With such repetition, protection of the palms becomes necessary.

Hand compartment comfort

During sparring sessions, the normal glove sizing used is either 14 or 16oz. This means that these gloves have much more padding and can at times encroach on the hand compartment making it an uncomfortable fit. In this case sweating increases, especially considering that most people will wrap their hands as well (which is advisable) making it even less comfortable. Therefore looking for gloves that have material on the palm side that allows for quicker evaporation of sweat and water as well as an extra wide opening will allow the hand to easily and comfortably slip in the glove.

Premium leather striking surface

When sparring, the striking surface of the glove should be made of premium leather and not any vinyl type of material. The reasons for this are that in order for the gloves to be maintained for a suitable amount of time, they must be able to be cleaned easily enough and keep their shape throughout this time as well. The premium leather is able to achieve these aims and maintain their looks throughout the process.

Next time you spar, remember these five aspects and see whether they apply to your current pair, if not it might be best to invest in a new pair that includes them in order to give yourself the best chance of preventing injury
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