Your Guide to listing multiple items

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Your Guide to listing and tracking multiple items on eBay

Selling on eBay can be a fun and exciting experience, with great potential.  Whilst there are numerous guides available onhow to sell successfully on eBay, this guides is unique in that it looks at how to sell successfully and 'UNSTRESSFULLY' on eBay.  This 8 Step guide will ensure a stress free and successful eBay sal on ALL occasions.

STEP ONE: GETTING STARTED:  a stress free and easy listing of multiple items on eBay all comes down to planning. 

  • prior to listing multiple items on eBay, create a word document (at least one day before you are planning to list the items) and 'pre' write descriptiosn and titles (keep in mind they must be maximum 55 characters) for each item that you are wanting to list.  In doing so, you are free to take as much time as necessary to ensure you write a thorough, detailed an appropriate description, without worrying about pressures to get the listing posted, or rushing etc. 
  • When writing descriptions, group similar items together (so that the 'sell similar item') option can be used for ease and speed of listing).
  • Once grouped together, give each item a number startign from 1 for ease of personal reference.
  • Once all descriptions and titles are writting, when the time comes to list, all you will need to do is simply copy and paste sections of your word document, into the appropriate fields.

STEP TWO: UPLOADING PHOTOS: a stress free and easy listing of multiple items on eBay also needs to consider organisation.

  • when taking photos of itmes, save each photo as a number first followed by a descritpion of the item and place them in a separate folder.  For example you could name folders by date of which you want to list items (i.e. plan all items you want to list in the next week, and place the items you want to sell on monday in a folder named 'monday &date', then all the items you want to sell on tuesday &date...and so on.
  • By naming photo files with a number first, your photos will appear in the order in which you want to list them (i.e. similar items together).  This will save you time and frustration searching for images or changing views.  Using this method, you don't even have to be able to see thumbnails of the photo.  When listing an item, simply match the number of the description, to the number of the photo file.  I.e. item 1, photo 1 OR item 1, photo 1, photo 1-2, photo 1-3, photo 1-4 etc).
  • You can print a contact sheet of all pictures in a particular folder using the 'my computer' option.  The photos appear in the order they are in in the folder, with the file name underneath.  Use this as a handy reference sheet.
  • Once you have listed an item, highlight the file name under the picture, to ensure you don't get confused.
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