Your Guide to the Nokia 5140i

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Your Guide to the Nokia 5140i

People who live active lifestyles often find that they are limited in choice when it comes to picking a mobile phone. Most modern mobile phones are not built to be able to withstand potential falls, but the Nokia 5140i was designed with adventurous and sporty people in mind. The following guide will examine the various features the device comes equipped with, and will explain how to find a suitable model on eBay.

The Nokia 5140i

The Nokia 5140i was first released in 2005, and although the device is no longer manufactured it still remains quite popular among sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The reason for this comes from the sturdy and reliable design of the 5140i, which is able to withstand that kind of wear and tear that damages normal phones. The 5140i is an excellent choice for buyers looking for a device that can be used while they are engaged in outdoor or athletic pursuits, and its low price guarantees excellent value for money.


The features and functions of this phone may seem outdated when compared to modern smartphones, but it more than makes up for it with its practicality.


The design of the Nokia 5140i is easily its biggest selling point, and the reason why many people still use this phone. This candy bar style mobile phone has a very solid design, and the device incorporates rubber padding on the sides and the bottom. This allows the phone to survive blows and drops that would permanently damage most phones. Although the keypad is also covered in rubber, the keys themselves are individually raised making the device easy to use. In regards to size, the Nokia 5140i measures up at 4.1 x 1.7 x 0.9 inches, and weighs in at 100.8g. This device is both water and dust resistant, although buyers should keep in mind that it is not fully waterproof.


The Nokia 5140i comes equipped with a host of practical features. Users can store up to 250 phone numbers, emails and web addresses in the internal phonebook, while the SIM card can hold a further 250. The phone is capable of text, multimedia and instant messaging, and users can connect to the Internet via a WAP 2.0 wireless web browser. Features included for the benefit of active users include a thermometer, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, a compass, a decibel meter and a small flashlight. The 5140i is equipped with a VGA camera allowing users to take pictures in 640 x 480 or 176 x 144 resolution, and users are also able to record short videos with or without sound. The camera features a night mode for use in darkness, a self-timer and a multi shot option. Photographs and videos can be sent to other phones via multimedia messaging, and can be uploaded to computers through a data cable or infrared port.

Additional Features

The 5140i includes standard features such as an alarm clock, a calendar, a calculator, a diary, a notepad, a voice recorder and a speakerphone, which can be activated during a phone call. This device has an FM radio with 12 available radio presets. However, the 5140i headset is required to use the FM radio as it doubles up as the antenna.


This device has a screen resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, and the screen colour depth checks in at 16 bit. There is maximum user storage of 3MB. Standby time for the phone is around ten days, while talk time on a single charge should last up to six hours. However, as production of this mobile phone has been discontinued, all devices sold are used and as a result the battery life may be lower than the above. It's a good idea to ask the seller the standby and talk time life for a device before making a purchase.

Confident Buying

As previously mentioned, the Nokia 5140i is no longer in production, which means that all models sold today will be used. The majority of 5140i's for sale are in excellent condition, but buyers should be diligent in ensuring the quality of a device. Remember to examine any photographs of the device for signs of serious physical damage. Read any information the seller has provided about the model, and request more if needed.

Buying a Nokia 5140i on eBay

All buyers are advised to use eBay for their mobile phone needs, as the site has an unbeatable selection of models for sale at very low prices. To begin browsing for a Nokia 5140i, first head to When the homepage has loaded up, click on theMobile Phones & Accessories link found in theElectronics tab, and on the following page click on theMobile Phones title. Click on the Nokia filter found under the Brand heading in the Categories table to the left of the page. Type Nokia 5140i into the search bar and press enter. Buyers can use the Sort By tab to list devices by price, location and relevance.

It is recommended that buyers visit eBay Deals, as this section of the website contains many electrical goods for sale at greatly reduced prices. To access the relevant section, click on the Deals link that can be found at the top of every page, followed by the Phones title in the Electronics drop down menu.


The Nokia 5140i is a sturdy and reliable mobile phone appropriate for active people who need a device that can withstand blows without becoming damaged. Although this phone seems quite dated when compared to modern smartphones, it is still packed with practical features aimed to assist the user in any way possible. Buyers need to remember that all 5140i's sold today are used, so they need to ensure that the device they buy is in good working order.

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