Your Own Domain Name - A Business ESSENTIAL.

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Your Own Domain Name:

One of the BEST (and cheapest) business decisions you'll ever make.

Your own domain name uniquely identifies your company on the internet.  It also indicates a commitment to a professional internet presence.

A  customers first impression of your business has more to do with professional contact details than having a  flashy, expensive website.

Think about it - would YOU do business with a financial advisor who gave you a card with the email address ?

Or would you even bother typing in the address of a somewhere to stay on your holiday if their website address was something like ?

They might have a great website, with cheap rates and fantastic hospitality.

Too bad that only a fraction of the people seeing their promotions will ever visit their website. Because it's simply too difficult. And if you heard the address on the radio, you'd NEVER remember it - or be able to write it down.

Your own DOMAIN NAME is the most important part of your business internet identity.

Your own domain name will solve these problems.

Apart from providing a professional image, it puts YOU totally in control of all aspects of your increasingly important internet image.

Most importantly, you won't be at risk of having your internet contact details becoming useless overnight - as happened to many businesses when service providers Dingo Blue and One Tel collapsed.

Domain names used to be expensive.
But not any more - .com names are available from around $10 per year, and names can be obtained from about $70 for 2 years.

Expensive Websites are NOT Necessary.

All you need to start building a professional internet image is your own domain name, email services, and a hosting account where you can put up some kind of basic website.
An easily installed Wordpress Blog can be quickly modified to meet the needs of most small busineses. You won't even need the services of a web designer - as there are loads of free templates available.

You can then start to build your internet activities, and improve your site as your needs increase.

Free Email Accounts - a Bad Idea for Businesses.

A few years ago, it was acceptable to use a free email address such as hotmail or yahoo for business purposes. Times have changed.
Many people won't even communicate with a business that uses a free email address as a contact.
These addresses are now associated with SPAM and pornography.

A business using such a free account is generally perceived as dodgy, amateurish, or at best quite naive.

What's worse, you risk having your account closed down on the basis of unsubstantiated SPAM complaint.

A Domain Name Protects Your Business.

Domain name owners have none of these problems. If their ISP goes out of business they can just move their websites and domain name to another hosting company, and carry on with business as usual. Their email and website addresses remain unchanged, will continue working.

There's no reprinting needed, clients don't have to be notified, and your marketing efforts won't be disrupted.

If you currently use an ISP based domain name, we can help you achieve a smooth transition to your own domain name with no disruption to your business.

Why Advertise someone Else's Business for FREE?

When most people start off their internet business, they use an email and website address which is a combination of their user name, and the name of their service provider.

A typical email address is and a website address might be

(Just try using THAT in a radio advertisement!)

This is great for the hosting company - you give them free promotion every time you advertise or give out your email and website addresses. And you're probably not even aware of it!

However, it's not so good for you. You are effectively locked into using that ISP, because you have their name on your business cards, stationery, promotional material, etc.

If your hosting company disappears (like OneTel and Dingo Blue did a few years ago) all the efforts that you have put into promoting your online business are wasted. You have to start all over again - reprinting business cards, letterheads, changing advertisements, etc.

It can all be avoided if you have your own domain name - one of the best business investments that you'll ever make.
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