Your Recorder Buying Guide: DVD, Hard Disk & VCR

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On eBay there are a number of different recorders you can buy. These include Hard Disk recorders, DVD recorders, Video recorders and a combination of the above. There are so many different recorders on the market that you might find it impossible to choose but reading this guide hopefully should make everything clearer.

Some handy tips to remember:

  • The recorders that include a HD (High Definition) Tuner are most likely to have the best quality
  • Some recorders with High Definition include a feature known as HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). This is a simple cable connection that enables all audio and video to be transported in the single cable. This reduces clutter and is much easier to connect. However most of these recorders do not include a HDMI cable in the package which could cost an extra $70 so you need to be aware of this little “trick”. An example of the cable can be seen below.
  • Some Hard Disk Recorders (HDD) only specify the number of hours that they can record for. For example one auction might specify 30 hours however it important to clarify that actual hard disk capacity with the seller or otherwise what may appear to be a large number would actually have quite a small capacity. Also you need to beware of different amounts for different auctions because there are numerous recording quality settings. These can each take up a different amount of hours which could be misleading
  • Time Slip functions are also extremely useful to look out for because you can rewind and fast forward through the content as you desire while maintaining recording.
  • Beware of some unknown brands of recorders as these may not come with a full warranty or may not be of the same standard as the known brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG etc
  • Having as many functions as possible integrated into the one device is extremely useful as it enables interoperability between the two and can help reduce a clutter of remotes. It also makes it easy for one to transfer between media types at no extra hassle.
  • Remember to look at all the features of a normal DVD player as well when looking for a recorder.
  • Beware of the cost as if something is too cheap to believe then there must either be something deceptive or the cost of the shipping may even be to high. As an eBay user you need to be aware of these “tricks”
  • VCR’s are slowly becoming outdated so it is important to transfer your current VCR’s to DVD’s as soon as you can because eventually they will become out of production. However for the moment rejoice in their simplicity!
  • Finally refurbished products may not be of the same quality as new products and even though they may come with the same warranty and a lot cheaper it is important to know that there is a larger risk associated with buying one as it may be more prone to malfunctioning after the warranty period.


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