Your Title is Critical For Each eBay Selling Ad

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When selling on eBay, nothing is more important to each individual listing than the title that leads it. In fact, your overall success on eBay is dependent to a large degree on your ability to create effective headlines that pull in large amounts of quality traffic. It's the title that's the key to capturing the attention and interest of your target market.

Your title is your initial point of contact. It's the first thing any shopper on eBay sees with respect to your individual auction.

If a prospective buyer conducts a keyword search as approximately 70% of eBayers do your keyword specific listing may be one of hundreds, or even thousands of listings that are shown. So your title needs to have the associated word or phrase to show up on a search for that term. But it also needs to be compelling enough to win clicks and get your listing opened by more interested prospects.

Your title is just as important to shoppers who choose to peruse listings in their favorite categories. Here your ad has to appear more interesting than the others. Even devout shoppers only have so much available time. Nobody looks at everything. Instead, they tend to zero in on the things that most interest them in the moment. So your title or headline has to grab hearts and minds instantly.

If your title fails, the rest of your ad description is insignificant. If they don't click on the title, they won't go to your page immediately. And if they miss it in the moment, 99.9% of browsers won't even think of coming back. There's just too much to explore on eBay and one search invariably leads to another.

You've only got limited space. Currently, eBay gives you a maximum of 55 characters to use any way you like in the Title field. It's not a lot of space... so you have to choose your words and abbreviated forms with great care.

Titles are all about attracting the eyes of targeted prospects enough to get them to at least visit your more detailed description. If they don't go beyond the title, they cannot bid, Buy-It-Now, ask you a question about the item, or your terms, or even sign up to your mailing list. All those actions require that they at least land on an individual auction description page and the most valuable tool you have to achieve this is your Title.

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