Your Tools to Sell Ebay YOUR COMPUTER

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There are a number of key tools to success in selling via Ebay, one though stands out far in excess of all others and that is the quality of your PC (your Personal Computer) and your basic ability to operate it. Not only it's power and speed in itself are vital, your software, your operating system, your internet access speed , plus additonal equipment ie back-up systems and printers are also vital to success.

To justify this please before you commence selling Ebay go into community help where you can ask for advice from other Ebayers and or Ebay and you wlll see multiple instances of  failure by individuals that in many so very many cases are due only to inadequecies on operating systems. A recent serious problem was high lighted by a change in Ebay Picture Services which even for me created intital serious deficioncies in my selling operations.

If you have a PC that is running Windows 98 and the pc does not have the capacity to do a simple Windows XP upgrade or any system that Microsoft will no longer upgrade either get with the times if you are a current seller or if not a seller dont consider starting unless that system is either upgraded or replaced.

Ebay is not for the faint hearted, yes you can clear a few items out of your house but to do anything more than that you need the very best of tools. Simply if you are limited in your PC knowledge and  access to a quality PC is limited you will find the time it takes to produce a result not only prohibitive but it will become a costly experience.

Just like a REP on the road needs a reliable economical car to do their job if your key Ebay operating system is not up to a standard of excellence you may well fail , to be quite blunt you will fail!!!!!



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