Your Tupperware Purchase Guide On Ebay

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There are lot of folks prefer tupperware Containers compare to ordinary containers even though they are more expensive, why?

The Selling Points Of Tupperware Products:

* All Tupperware products are made from non toxic materials, which is safe and confidence to to use with.

* There are different Tupperware products range that design perfectly for different storage purposes, such as Modular Mates Set is for kitchen storage, Freezermate Sets is for Freeze Food Storage, One Touch Set is famous for its air seal tight to keep the food freshness such as biscuits, prawn crackers..

* All Tupperware products is coming with Lifetime Warranty, you can ask for the replacement on the same products, or similar value products for your damaged Tupperware products from the Tupperware Branches.  

About Tupperware Lifetime Warranty

A lot of folks have misconception that Tupperware will give you replacement as long as your Tupperware is damaged. Basically, Tupperware will disapprove your replacement request if your Tupperware was encountering :

*  Insects & Pest Bites.

* Stains

* Melting

* Cuts

* Scratches

* Impact Damage

*  Print

* Discoloration

** It is important for you to bring the whole complete set of the Tupperware product to your nearby Tupperware stockist to show them for replacement even though you only want to change only parts of your Tupperware products such as lids, caps or base. Most Tupperware stockists will refuse your replacement request if you only bring the damaged part of your Tupperware alone (etc. lids, cap or base )

Factors To Considers when purchase your Tupperware Online In Ebay:

* Shipping Insurance Coverage* - Since most Tupperware product is in bulky size, it is higher chance for the this product to encounter damaged compare to other smaller items. For your info, most shipping company staffs will placed bigger size parcel at the bottom of other smaller size parcel to save their storage space - that exposed your tupperware shipment to higher chance of damages due to weight of other parcel on top of it.

Your shipping insurance coverage will ensure you to receive your item in perfect condition; since your seller will send new replacement for the damaged products, or  you can gain back your full refund if your received item was damaged.

* Combine shipping postage* - Please note that the total price you will need to pay for your Tupperware products on ebay is product cost + shipping cost. There are Tupperware Ebay sellers that offering you combine shipping discount, which allow you to save on your shipping cost when you purchase multiple Tupperware products and combine shipping.

* Real Time Tracking* - Tupperware products is expensive items. I ll suggest you to go for Registered post for your Tupperware Shipment, so that you can track the current status and location of your shipment from time to time, to prevent the scenario like whole shipment loss and you do not have a clue on what is happening.

* Purchase from Reputable Seller on Ebay * - I suggest you to purchase your Tupperware products from reputable seller to get rid off yourself from scam sellers. Positive Feedback points quantity and positive feedback percentage is a good method for you to find out a reputable Ebay seller. 

I hope this Tupperware Guide will be helpful to you. Feel free to Check Out Our Tupperware Products Here

Thanks for taking the time to read my guide.

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