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Sizing tips

What you should know about our sizing!
We all know how complex and hard is to get the right size of shoes. It varies from brands, countries, people, etc.
Based on the experience with our customers feedback (thanks to all!) we have discover these important tips:
- Our sizes are half size bigger than standard sizes.
- If you normally take full sizes like: 6,7,8,9,10,11, etc. You'll have to base your decision on if you are more close to being the next half size up or next half size down. e.g: If you are size 7, but you also have some 7.5's in other brands, then you tend to go a bit on the upper side of the size 7 ( your size with us will be 7/37), on the other hand, if you normally take size 7 but you have also some 6.5's in some other brands, then you tend to go on the lower side of the size 7 (you'll be a size 6/36 with us).
- Also important to know that we have made some templates for you. They only work if you print it on "full page", the arrows must be touching the end of the paper, if you don't pay attention to this you'll end buying the wrong size.
- They are made out of linen material, so they will stretch just a little on the top of the shoe and not much on the front. - They are very suitable to be used with orthotics, insoles and other inserts.
- The width of our shoes: For sizes 35(5), 36(6) width is around 8,7cm; for sizes 37(7), 38(8) width is around 9cm and for the rest of our sizes width is around 9,5cm
p.s We try to help by giving you all these tips, however, we don't guarantee these tips will 100% accurate for everyone in every case, that's why we also offer you the chance to return or exchange your items if the don't fit properly. Please read below

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