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Can I use my Nintendo Zapper or Sega Guncon with my Plasma or LCD TV?

In One word "NO" heres why...

Technically, LCD/Plasma itself doesn't cause a problem.
(not the signal being recieved by the TV, but what the TV is displaying).
Old-style light guns (the ones that don't use external IR lights or receiver near the screen) rely on the scan lines an interlaced image and are designed for 480 lines of resolution.
LCD and Plasma are fixed pixel displays, meaning they can only display in a single resolution, called the "native resolution".
So any Nintendo Zapper and Playstation Guncon or old style guns WILL NOT work with LCD or Plasma TVs

Can't I just set my TV to 480i?

No... the laser will just bounce off the screen as there are no scan lines

It is also worth mentioning that the only way to connect any Retro Game Console to your HD LCD or Plasma is via A/V or S-Video inputs.
If you try and connect it via the RF unit the TV may have problems "finding" it.
Even via A/V or S-Video the old systems may display pixelated, and always remember that older PAL games will only display at 50hz so adjust your TV accordingly

Your old Retro System was never designed nor manufactured to display on a Plasma or LCD Screen
(Stick to the old CRT's) ;-)


Footnote: The Nintendo Scope 6 gun for the Super Nintendo WILL work with Plasma and LCDs because you sit a "reciever" near the TV to read the gun output.


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