Zebra Makeup Bag Buying Guide

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Zebra Makeup Bag Buying Guide

Almost no wardrobe accessory kit of any fashionable lady is complete without a zebra m akeup bag. This type of makeup bag is ideal for use at home or when travelling because it stores all important makeup essentials together in one tidy location. There are a wide variety of these patterned makeup bags available which include features that are not only practical, but stylish as well.

Zebra makeup bags are located at cosmetic and retail department stores and also on eBay. Since the needs of women vary when it comes to makeup bags such as this, it is often helpful to know more about the features available to ensure the buying process is a smooth one.

Types of Zebra Makeup Bags

When it comes to storing makeup, the needs of every woman are different. For this reason zebra makeup bags come in a variety of sizes and styles to choose from. There are styles which range from ones with soft or hard outer shells, ones that roll up or ones that hang, and ones designed especially for professional makeup artists. Knowing more about the different styles of zebra makeup bags as well as what types of features they include helps women choose the right one to fit their needs.

Soft Outer Shell Bags

Makeup bags with zebra patterns and soft outer shells are ideal for use in a variety of ways. The soft outer casing allows a user to store the bag in places where a minimal amount of space is available. A soft zebra makeup bag conforms to smaller spaces, and this saves room on countertops and other, similar areas where the user needs to place the bag.

Hard Outer Shell Bags

In order to protect cosmetics, a hard outer shell on a makeup bag is an ideal storage solution. The aluminium zebra makeup bag often includes a handle which makes portability much easier. Many of these zebra makeup cases also include latches and locks to help keep the makeup securely within the cases, preventing damage from occurring to the cosmetics and also to any items that surround them.

Roll-Up Bags

Designed with convenience in mind, the roll-up type of zebra makeup bag is a must-have item for any woman who is always on the go. This type of zebra patterned makeup case is easy to use and store. A roll-up zebra makeup bag has multiple pockets which allow the user to place the desired cosmetic within the separate compartments.

Some zebra makeup bags even include one or more zippers that help keep the contents within the compartments. Once tucking the cosmetics away safely inside, all the user needs to then do is roll up the makeup bag and store it. Many of these cases have either a Velcro patch or a pair of strings to tie together which helps keep the bag from unravelling.

Hanging Bags

Makeup bags that hang are a welcome addition to any makeup collection for those people who otherwise do not have a place to hang things because of tight places. Hanging zebra makeup bags are convenient because they have the ability to use space otherwise not used. Using a zebra makeup bags in this way helps keep countertops free of clutter. All a person needs to do to begin to use this type of makeup bag is secure the zebra makeup bag from a hook or other device in a safe fashion.

Professional Bags

In addition to zebra makeup bags for personal use, there are also zebra makeup bags for professional artists as well. There are a variety of choices for this type of professional makeup bag that are suitable for professionals because they come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and textures to choose from.

The fashionable zebra striped pattern makes this type of makeup case attractive to professionals who are always on the go. Listed in the table below are various models of zebra striped makeup bags often used by professional makeup artists and the notable characteristics of each type of makeup bag.


Notable Characteristics


Often equipped with a set of wheels on the bottom to allow for easy transport

Usually designed with a hard outer casing and a hideaway handle

Many feature stacked compartmental cases for easy organisation

Hairdresser canvas

Various styles within this category feature a soft outer canvas shell

Many have multiple compartments for easy organisation as well as thick elastic straps for carrying


Small design is suitable for ultimate functionality

Easy to transport and store which makes it ideal for travel

Professional makeup bags with zebra stripes are very versatile and do not always have to include black and white stripes. For example, there are a variety of zebra print colours to choose from that include red backgrounds and black stripes or tan backgrounds and black stripes, which makes coordinating the bags with existing accessories easier to manage.

How to Buy a Zebra Makeup Bag on eBay

It is easy to find a great deal on a zebra striped makeup bag when you shop on eBay. All you need to do is enter relevant keywords into the search box located on any eBay web page. Once you find an item you like, scroll down to the full item description and find out more about the product.

Zebra striped makeup bags are a very fashionable item which women use to solve their makeup storage needs. There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, including the ones with hard or soft outer shells, ones with wheels, or ones that roll up or hang. They are as simple as a compact case, or as intricate as a trolley, the choice is up to you.

zebra makeup bag|soft zebra makeup bag|hanging zebra makeup bag|aluminium zebra makeup bag|trolley



Stylish; well-constructed; padded; comfortable; brand somewhat important

Handle real life item before buying online


Practical; huge styling diversity according to purpose; brand not necessarily important

Choose according to practical needs and personal style preferences


Well-made and sturdy; large; compartmentalised; brand somewhat important;

Read reviews or handle in real life before purchasing online

The above chart outlines a few characteristics and suggested buying approaches of each product. However, customers should understand these are general terms only and remember there are always exceptions.

How to Buy

If you would like to shop for professional-grade bags on eBay, enter product-specific search criteria such as " canvas laptop bags ". When you have located several listings you are interested in, make any necessary comparisons between them to help you make the right purchasing choice. Read all information pertaining to the product itself, as well as terms of sale and returns policies. Make sure you understand any differences in delivery options as this may save you money or offer better protection for you purchase. Ensure that you feel confident in your chosen seller before you buy. Check their positive customer feedback score; it should it ideally be at least 99 per cent. Using this cautionary approach can improve customer's buying experiences on eBay.

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