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HI..recently on the T.V...I heard this formula given out for free and I haven't heard of anything else like it...first you have to look at where your money goes and what do you spend it on...break it down into the necessary and not!!!especially look in your cupboards and fridge and if your lucky enough to have heaps of food eat it all before you buy more...work out for your frivilous wasted spending goes and how much...write down the list of your dedts and their totals including as big as you want from credit cards to your mortgage...following this simple formula you can pay them all off and know where your money is going and how long it will personally take you to be *TRUELY*DEBT*FREE*in a world where only a few generations ago *DEBT*wasn't even an option...I unfortunately came from a family like this and got into debt as soon as I left school and continued my *EDUCATION*which is now considered normal..to finish study with a huge debt before you even begin to look at home ownership...now you have your list...put beside each one the payment amounts you currently make to each one weekly,forthnighly of monthly...next I hope from your spending examination you have worked out where your money is going needlessly in whatever way is personal to you...ie *FOOD*you maybe earning more money but you may have increased your spending in *FOOD*better steak...more meat..more dinners out..if you are currently in *DEBT*you have given up some of your rights to what you should be spending your money on temporially...next the formula...ranl your debts from smallest to biggest...put the payment you are making towards the first currently..then I hope you have an amount no matter what size...that you have worked out you can stop spending on your hair,your clothes and your faces especially...look in your bathroom cupboards...seriously how much do you use and why are there more than one hair appliance???how many curlers or straightners does one person need???hopefully you have saved some money from *FOOD*already...then the unnessmess in the bathroon has been attacked..now your roon...especially clothes???do you have items with the tag still attached hanging there???how long have you owned them already and never worn them yet...list them all on ebay but not starting at 99cents if you really want to make some money back...start it low but get something back for them...keep your postage costs real..it is dishonest to try and make money on ebay pruely by ripping people off thru postage..I personally hate it and don't do it as a seller...it isn't the best way of serviving your future repeat customers or growing your bussinesses successfully...but thats another guide...next to your first debt write down the new amount weekly etc whoever you are going to be paying it...get a calculator...usually on your cellphone myn is and devide the first debt by your new payment amounts...work out how long in months this will take to pay off and write it down...then go to the next debt...beside it you have the payment you already have to make usually the minimum...next to it write the whole total of the amount you have been able to write for the first debt...add it to the payment for the second debt then workout again in months how long it will take you to pay that debt off and write it down next to it also...work your way down your list...keeping the whole amount of the payments you have been making on the previous debt that will be freed up to pay the next one when the first is paid and so on...as you work your way down the debts adding the previous payment amounts to the current payment amounts you will end up with the total number of months per debt...then add each lot of debts months together...now you can see exactely where your money is going and you can even work out the exact amount of time it will personally take you to achieve being debt free...for some the lucky ones it will be in months or weeks even...but for the majority its months to years...but I am willing to bet...like it was for me...you can sit down and actually work out your own debt/spending/and repayments...then you can follow the formula and have the time frame it will actually take you realistically and logically to repay all your debts one at a time...until they are all gone...how many people are willing to give you a proven *FORMULA*that is simple to use and *FREE*I know two...me and the women who taught it to me...hope you can understand my explanation if you have any questions feel free to contact me thru ebay message chanels and I will endeavour to answer them or refer you further...to find your own answers I will point you in the right direction if this *GUIDE*hasn't been enough for you...please vote and come back and vote if you follow it and it works for you...write your own guides...link them all up and free people from the *CHAINS*and *LIES*of unnecessisary *DEBT*it is a *LIE*that too may of us have believed that this is the way we should or have to live...well it isn't the rest is up to you...good-luck from jtoriginals08...sharing the knowledge for free on the *WORLD*WIDE*WEB*...for more links message me..jt..
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