a guide to buying gemstones

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  • Hello to all ebayers , This buying guide is about buying gemstones . The aim of this guide is too simplifly buying gemstones from around the world and ship them successfully to your door step . I will run you through some of the less thought of topics that could help in your seach for gemstones ,ie: the SEARCH ,  BIDDING , end of the auction , and the super important FEEDBACK .
  • THE SEARCH , if you know what your looking to bid or buy it now on ie; diamonds -opals -rubys-emeralds or any other gemstones to find  the gemstone your after somtimes you might have to search a couple of different catagries for instance , to buy  rough OPALS if i type opals (opals) for one search for mixed results i might find five plus interesting auctions, but if check at least two more catagries , ie rough opals (rough opals)  or  the specimen (specimen) catagries and i might find a few suprises . Usually i have found my best buys have been  tucked away in a catagrie that takes some time too find or the item was listed in the wrong catagrie  .Searching from the EBAY HOMEPAGE is recommended but remember too click on the SHOW ALL CATAGRIES  as this will show all gemstone by there respective names and will greatly increace your search options . I have the show all catagries page on gemstones as a short cut from my desktop , and this takes me there promptly .SHOW ALL CATAGRIES
  • BIDDING ,  you may find the item you want to bid on is in a different country , you may have to bid in $ us american dollars or $gbp British pounds or $ au Australian  remember to check your own country of origins currencys conversion as the price may seem to be lower or higher than you have BUGETED for .
  • END OF AUCTION , so youve won the gemstone you were after , once youve checked the price and postage costs, you may be able to see if your seller has an ebay store , your seller may COMBINE POSTAGE  so check too see if there is any more items that are worth buy it now or bidding on as this can make  what seems expensive postage seem a lot cheaper.COMBINED POSTAGE
  • FEEDBACK, once the ebay item has been payed for usually a seller will give you feedback with in a few days of the transaction being completed and this can reflect how your seller thought you handled your end of the deal  . Remember to return all feedback, a good return feedback gives great satisfaction to sellers especially if some thought was put in to the responce ie:+++ FAST INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE- A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED EBAYER+++  OR ,  ITEMS RECIEVED AS DESCRIBED AN IN GREAT CONDITION +++. These are a few good examples. 
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