assessing ebay seller feedback

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Ebay is great, isn't it?

But you want to be safe.

When thinking about buying from a particular seller, check out the potential seller's feedback rating. (That's the number in brackets next to their Ebay user name). The higher that feedback rating number is, the clearer  the idea will be that you can get about that seller's reliability and trustworthiness.

When you click on the seller's username or feedback rating number, you'll see a summary of their feedback, and at the top of the page, a percentage. That's the *percentage* of positive feedback that the seller has received.

If you use the Firefox browser, you can easily get the " ebaynegs" extension, or if you use another browser, just go straight to toolhaus (dot) org, where you can enter the username of the seller you're interested in, and get a list showing all the negative feedback that that user has received. Browse through it and get to know this seller a little bit better. Mostly you'll find innocent mistakes, solved problems and mutually withdrawn misunderstandings...

Occasionally you'll find something less palatable.

Beware of percentage rip-offerers. These are sellers (I know they exist) that cheat a customer every now and then, but not too often - just enough to maintain a feedback rating above 99% positive. You can sniff these dogs out by reviewing their negative feedback via ' ebaynegs' Firefox browser extension, or directly at toolhaus (dot) org - if the seller's negative feedback reads like a broken record, is regular and the comments consistently yell, "ripoff!", find another seller for the item you want.

Ebay is huge, there are so many sellers!!!

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