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I recently bought a note from a buyer who advertises his notes as EF . But be aware that some sellers  on EBAY  like to clean and press there notes  like some will clean there coins which makes them worth less. To tell a note that has been pressed or cleaned just hold the note up to a light and look at the edges for fluffy bits hanging off which will tell you if the note has been soaped. Now if you look at the note it will look like it has been well looked after but as I was told by a local coin and note dealer and if you check your pocket guide you will see that every note will have folds or creases. So to see if your note has been pressed turn the note side ways and you will see the creases and folds in the note but when you look face on you will not see them like I didn't. Until I was shown. So it was a costly lesson on my behalf because I did not get a full refund no questions asked like the site said. False advertising? Well I guess you could say that. I could have got my money back but when you are told to leave positive feed back first then you will get your refund well I thought why should I bow to blackmail. I even have the email to prove it.Well like they say BUYER BEWARE.
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