battlestar galactica box sets info

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battlestar galactica box sets information.

hi this is some information to clear up the battlestar galactica box sets series

in australia they are different from the usa so here is how they are at the moment.

: the first is the battlestar galactica tv pilot one disc set also called the mini series

:second is season 1 four  disc set

:Disc one  :33, water, bastille day, act of contrition.

:Disc two :you can't go home again, litmus, six degrees of separation

:Disc three:flesh and bone, tigh me up tigh me down, the hand of god

:Disc four: colonial day, kobol's last gleaming pt 1, kobol's last gleaming pt 2, bonus material deleted scenes.

:third is season 2.0 six disc set

:Disc one: scattered,valley of darkness,fragged, resistance,

:Disc two:the farm, home, pt 1,home pt2 , final cut

:Disc three: flight of the phoenix, pegesus, resurrection ship part 1, resurrection ship part 2

:Disc four: epiphanies, black market, scar, sacrifice,

:Disc five : the captain's hand, downloaded, lay down your burden pt 1, lay down your burden pt 2

:Disc six : deleted scenes from the following episodes:

:scattered,valley of darkness,fragged,resistance,the farm,home pt 1,home part 2,final cut, flight of the phoenix.

 that is all of the series that has been released so far in australia

NOW here is where the difference's come in in america they were released differently and can be a bit confusing

:they had the pilot one disc

:then they released there version of season 2.0 which is only a 3 disc set

:then 2.5 which is again only a 3 disc set

But in australia season 2.0 is the same as there 2.0 and 2.5

hope that helps some other people out there as when you are looking they are often listed as season 3 or you can be told that it is the set after 2.0 which it is if you have the usa version

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