becarefull when importing goods

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always becarefull when importing goods , even more so if your a member of alibaba.
any chinese company always check that they have a iso number.
there have been reports of many small mum and dad investors getting ripped off from importing goods in china.
be weary of companies in putain city district , stick the shenzhen area , thats where 70% of chinas manufacturing is done.
all it takes is comon sence and never ever send large amounts of money overseas on your first dealing with any business , always go for sample products in a very small number , chinese companies always allow this.
and most importantly , as i have learnt the hard way , you can not buy any original brand named items in china , anywhere , it is in fact illegal for any chinese company to sell you a legit original item unless they have the license to do so.
what you will find in china in the technological consumer goods is copied , fake and refurbished.
As for mobile phones stick to hong kong , you will get refurbished phones in that area.
As for other goods in general you can find the right goods at the right price ,do your homework , look around ,there is over 8000 manufactures in shenzhen alone.
need help with trying to find a honesty and easy company to import from ? give me a yell , i have 26 companies in shenzhen that i import from on a regular basis.
happy ebaying.
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