beginners guide to chess

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Chess is a very old game and is enjoyed by millions around the world every day. It is played on a board with 64 squares, 8 x 8, and each square is surrounded by the other colour. There are two teams of the opposite colour, normally white and black. They both have the same pieces and the object of the game is to trap the other persons king with your pieces so they cant move, checkmate. At the start of the game white has the honour of moving first. Each team contains 6 different pieces and can move in different ways, they are king, queen, rook, knight, bishop and pawn. Each piece is also worth a certain amount of points.<p>
The king can move only one square at a time. It can not move to a square which an enemy piece is attacking. You must try and protect your own king while trying to attack the other teams king. The king is not worth any points.<p>
The queen is the most powerful piece on the board. It can move along vertical, horizontal and diagonals. A queen is very useful to trap other peoples pieces just don’t loose it because it is worth 9 points<p>
There are two rooks on each team. they can move along any horizontal or vertical row. Rooks are most useful at the end of the game for checkmate. They are, however, easily pinned and are often lost at the start of the game. They are worth 5 points.<p>
The knights are the only pieces that can jump other pieces. They move in a L shape pattern, two squares left, right, up or down, then one square left, right, up or down. Because of the way that they move you have to be very careful of them. They are worth 3 points. Each team has two knights.<p>
Each team has a bishops for each colour square and they are on opposite colour squares. they can only move along the diagonals so they remain on the colour of the square they started on. They are worth 3 points.<p>
Pawns are only worth one point however there are 8 of them. The pawns are positioned in front of the rest of the pieces at the start of the game. They can only move one square at a time except for their first move which they can move one or two. They attack the squares to the front diagonal square in front of them and are useful to attack other pieces and defend squares. Once a pawn gets to the other side of the board it can be promoted to either a knight, queen, bishop or rook.<p>
There are a lot more rules to chess then what is outlined here but hopefully this will help you to get started!


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