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Finding something you really want on Ebay can be pretty exiting, but not when you dont win the auction!

Here are some basic tips for when you want to bid and how you should go about it.

1. WHAT NOT TO DO: Leaving your bidding till the last minute is one thing that seems to be popular, to get the item cheaper. I and many other relatives have done this only to miss out by only a few dollars.

The reason is everyone has the same idea sometimes, and this can cause too much congestion on the page, whilst you  might have an expensive fast computer, that does not control the lag (delay) that may occur while your bid is being transmitted over the internet to Ebay's computers. You have no way of controlling this and even though you may have entered your bid before the auction end, when internet lag occurs, your will miss out, I have, and many people i know have also.

2. MY TIP:  If you want to bid $1000 for an item, think how upset you would be if you really wanted it, and someone else won it for $10 more. If you can spend 1000 then you could probably spend another 10-15% if you really want it, I know i would. If you are going to do that, here is an example of what I would bid 1078,1119,1156 dont bid in even numbers people often do, and if they have bid 1075 as their max, you have entered 1078 and you will win, your max bid was more. I have won many times bidding in uneven amounts.


Think of the most you want to pay for your item, and then allow for 10-15 percent more.

Bid before auction end, or your bid may not register with all the congestion of last minute bidding.

Bid in uneven amounts (eg, instead of 500 bid 513,537,569) most people bid in even amounts like 500,550,520,585 you will be surprised how much more you can win.

Good Luck!!



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