bose speakers, an ebay guide to buying bose

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Bose is definatley one of the best known brand names of speakers in the world, second hand Bose products tend to attract extremely high prices because people believe they are buying a flagship product.

Are they really getting what they pay for ?

There are plenty of very well known brand name speaker brands for sale on ebay and some will always hold a perceived value purely because of the badge on the front of the speakers, but when are you buying something which has been well and truly outdated both in the performance and technology stakes.

There are several key points to consider when looking at buying second hand prestige equipment,

1. Is the product still relevant when compared to newer technologies and new design concepts?  many of the older styled products do not perform anywhere near as well when compared to newer styled products which are often a fraction of the older products price.

2. Has the system kept up with modern connection requirements?  the console styled amp/cd/dvd units simply do not have the ability to plug all the new high definition picture sources a home has these days. Components like digital tv tuners, dvd players, foxtel and  hard drive recorders all have the ability to produce high definition images which these consoles can not adequately keep up with.

3. Can the speakers be connected to a modern 5.1 or 7.1 AV receiver and produce proper digital surround sound ?  once again a lot of the small speaker systems produced are not designed to have the small cube speakers to be powered directly from an Av receiver. They are designed to be run via the woofer box and therefore a true 5.1 or 7.1 sound is not acheivable.

4. Foam surrounds were common in many of the older speakers and are well known to perish, not only can this be a difficult and expensive repair but it also needs to be done as frequently as 6-10 years. Some of the older models have up to nine drivers in each box that can be very expensive to have them re rimmed.

5. Be careful not to buy on the idea that just because it was expensive when it was new that it must be high performance. Many of the developments in speaker technology have made these older speakers sound very flat and non responsive.

6. Ask yourself why you are buying a small speaker system, if the answer is purely cosmetic then go right ahead. If however performance plays a part in the decision then i would suggest that you take the time to go into a hi fi store and compare side by side a cube sized speaker against a small to medium sized bookshelf speaker and you may well change your way of thinking.

7. If all else fails i recommend that you ask the advice of an independant source such as a repair agent for their viewpoint as to the value vs performance ratio and also the cost of repair and part pricing and availability. After all they are'nt trying to sell you anything!

Over the years i have seen many people who are dissatisfied by the performance of second hand products and it is very important that you do some research and beware of being dazzled by just a brand name.

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