building pc's by yourself

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Most people think to build a custom PC they need some kind of experience but the truth is you dont. All you need to do is follow these steps...

1. Find out what parts you need (example: motherboard, processor) and make sure there compatible ask in store for details

2. Buy the parts make sure there compatible you dont want buy the parts over again

3. Read the manuals that come with the very basic and its that easy


Basic Components

Some of the basic components for a pc are

case (For everything to fit in)

keyboard (Allows typing playing games etc.)

mouse (Allows clicking moving cursor both this and the keyboard are essential to use a computer)

windows (Any kind I recomend windows XP Professional but windows 2000 is very good in the security of virus's aswell)

moniter (To view everything otherwise no picture)

motherboard (The main part of a pc everything connects to this)

processor (Depending on pc you want go AMD for gaming or Intel for office work and other basic pc's)

Memory/Ram (This pretty much determines the speed of the computer i recomend 512mb or more)

Video card (this is essentual for gaming onboard graphics do nothing i recomend a Nvidia 7600GS or better)

DVD/CD burner (I would recomend a dvd burner or rom since everything on DVD now)

Hard Drive (I would probably go for 80gig or more everything getting bigger nowdays.


Optional parts

TV tuner card (Allows you to watch normal TV on your pc)

Networking Card(Allows you to plug your pc into the internet if the motherboard didnt come with one but most do)

Sound Card ( allows for better speakers (example:A 4.1 channel can have 4 speakers ,1 subwoofer where a 5.1 channel can have 5 speakers ,1 subwoofer or better again 7.1 channel 7 speakers ,1 subwoofer)all are compatible with lower speakers like 7.1 can have 5.1 channel speakers pluged in and so on)

Thanks for reading hope i help

kind regards fullthrottlexessories.



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