buyers expectations of paying a seller via paypal

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In any of my online endeavours (past experience with auction sites such as oztion etc) I have always strived to please all of my buyers in every way possible. I am the type of person that feels a sense of sadness when a buyer isnt 100% satisfied with their purchase or my service, it will keep me awake in bed at night as i toss and turn wondering what i could of done differently.

One issue that I ponder is PAYPAL and the expectations of both the buyer and the seller... What I mean by that is demonstrated with the following scenario :

'  20 buyers purchase an item each for the fair price of $50.00 - which includes postage costs of $25.00 per item as the item is quite heavy - 8 of the buyers pay via paypal... This seller also sells lighter items such as clothing at a medium volume of 50 to 80 items per week (okay for a small business)... Out of these lighter 50 to 80 items approximately 60% of these buyers use paypal to pay the seller...  '

My thoughts lean towards the actual paypal transaction and the time frames in which a seller posts the item as all sellers know that when a buyer uses paypal to pay for an item they have only 2 choices when it comes to posting their buyers item :

1. The seller transfers the money into their own bank account which can take 3 to 5 days and then posts it off on their stipulated postage days (as most sellers stipulate which days they post in their listings) using the buyers money to pay the postage costs


2. The seller recieves the paypal payment and uses their own money to post the item off immediately whilt waiting for the paypal payment to be transferred into their own bank account.

My thought is that sometimes a buyer may not take into account that using paypal for item payment may delay the whole process a bit (if a seller chooses scenario 1 and waits for the money to be transferred from paypal into their bank account). This can add extra time to the whole process, for example 4 days to recieve the paypal funds into the bank and 3 days for the parcel in postage transit....



WHAT IF A SELLER SELLS 50 ITEMS OF CLOTHING AND 75% OF BUYERS PAY WITH PAYPAL - the average seller isnt rich enough to use their own money to post them all off whilst waiting for a paypal withdrawal to occur.

HOW MANY BUYERS TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE 'HANDLING TIME's TRUE MEANING. ?. A listing states the handling time as a standard question issued by ebay in every listing. Mine states 3 days. But if a buyer reads the link explaining what this actually means it does state that it means '3 days from recieving CLEARED payment' (in my case). Does this mean 3 days from recieving their paypal payment into my paypal account OR 3 days from the time their paypal payment is withdrawn and clears in my bank account???.

I have seen buyers even count weekends as handling times, yet Aus Post and Business days are weeks days - ebay states this too.

No matter what the bottom line is that i stipulate a domestic handling time of 3 days. I also state that i post on WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS gaurenteed, and will usually end up posting more/extra days due to the volume of items too but do gaurentee those 2 particular days. I STICK TO MY WORD AND POST THOSE DAYS, no matter what. Even if i havent recieved their paypal funds in my bank account yet, i will use money made from other buyers items, the profits etc to post off their items. I am in a position to do so, but what if someone else is not?.

What do you think?. How do you operate?. How do you feel as a buyer?. What is right and wrong?. Please share your thoughts.

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