buying a sewing machine

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When buying a sewing machine be careful to check;

  • The accessories that come with the machine, for basic dressmaking you will require a buttonhole and zipper foot. You will also need at least one bobbin and most older machines need a bobbin case also.
  • The leads and accelorator pedal are included and in good order
  • Is there a sturdy case (this makes it safer to post)?
  • Has it been serviced recently?
  • Is the instruction book included ( sometimes these can be purchased/downloaded on the internet).
  • Look carefully at the photograph. If there is chipped paint and scratches or yellowed discoloured plastic it gives you an idea of how the machine has been handled, used and stored. Obviously you have to expect some wear and tear on older machine.
  • Newer is not always better. Older machines of known brands like bernina and elna are popular because they are mechanical and can be fixed easily. They also rarely break down and are very simple to use.


If you purchase a machine and it is being posted ask the sender to;

  • Wind the needle down into the bobbin area .
  • Drop the presser foot down onto the sewing area (as you would when you are sewing)
  • If the machine does not have a case wrap the machine and accessories seperately in bubble wrap and pack the whole lot securely into a  polystyrene fruit box. Use extra polystyrene ( I usually break up another box ) to slip into the spaces /sides so that there is no movement. Tape the box securely wrap in brown paper and label which way is up. 
  • Always ask for registered post and insurance 
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