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Guide to buying.

Buying online its important to check the measurements, just like when doing wood work!
Take into account stretch.
When you make your decision, enjoy it.  Don't spend too much on one item.  If its not quite what you expected there is no use feeling bad about it.  Re list it on ebay or give it to a friend (hence no 1 bit of advice not to spend too much).

Having bought a bit of stuff myself online I find about 3/4 I am happy with, the other 1/4 is about equal shares of 'much better than expected' and 'not what I thought it would be'  The better than expected I simply tell everyone, the stuff that isn't what I thought, I relist with wording that is more accurate (for instance I have learnt the hard way US womens shoe sizing is the same as AU not as per sizing charts).  
Ebay is not just for buying or selling, its for doing a bit of both I think.

Take into account when you see the postage costs, envelopes cost, plastic bags cost, if you have a seller than isn't snowed under with unfinished projects and you get a printed invoice, that costs too.  Also a little extra on postage may well be going towards the 'RETURNS AND LOST IN MAIL FUND' to offer YOU, the buyer, a better service and a hassle free refund in the case your item arrives missing a button, a bit falling off or simply doesn't arrive at all.

Happy buying.  Once you have made your decision, enjoy it.  Pondering for too long over whether to buy something or not is stressful and doesn't enhance life.  Once I have clicked the buy it now button I relax and wait, if its not what I want, its not the end of the world and life is too short not to enjoy.

Happy ebaying.
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