buying safely and cheaply on ebay

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When I'm looking to buy a certain product on e-bay, I go to the appropriate section and find what I'm looking for. I then look at the items that are closest to closing as you know the price won't go up much from there. I then put in a bid up to the price that i think it is worth and then I leave it. If you get involved in an auction 'fight' you may end up paying more than you would if you just put in an ordinary bid! I always try and remember that on 99% of items, there are more just like the one you are bidding for for sale at the moment. So I put in the highest price I am willing to pay and then leave it. If i win, I got a good buy and if I didn't then I bid on the next item that is similar to the original item. This way I nearly always get the item I want and I get it at a price that I am happy to pay for it! Also, try and use paypal whenever you can, as then the seller doesn't get all your credit card information. Well' these are my tips to a successful e-bay purchase, and if you follow them you should get thje items you want at a price you are happy to pay!(And your credit card info is secure too!) All the best in your bidding!




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