cd tray problem on xbox 360

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My 360 has a problem with its cdtray. I doesn't seem to want to open by its self, and when its closing it will close all the way, wait a second, then open up again. I found that if I slap the top while it is suppose to be coming out then it will come out, and slap the top when its closed it will stay closed. I am afraid though if I keep doing this it will get damaged. I no longer have a warranty and I was wondering if there is a way to fix this.


I have a few alternatives to answer your question.

Is your 360 standing up? You could try laying it flat and seeing if that works. You could also try to clean the disc tray, by making it stay open for a while. Then get a DRY cloth and wipe the sides of the tray to remove grease, or another similar substance.

Some people say use tape, but I don't want you to ruin your console any further. Because the tray may not do anything at all if you force it closed.

Your best bet would be to ring Microsoft and tell them whats wrong. They may have a better answer for you. Unfortunately, by the sounds of it, your console may need to be taken in for repair. If you do send it to Microsoft, DO NOT send your Hard Drive, because it will get wiped of all its data. Just a forewarning.

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