cheap electric on road rc cars

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the problem

i just wanted to write a short topic on these cheap cars that say they go 5kmh or kmh and you might get them for about 120$ + 30$ - 40$ shipping. well there is a reason they are so cheap its because the parts are as rare as getting pick from thousands of people from a prize draw for a new car. the second reason is they break very quickly no matter how well you treat it, and on the 1 I bought the steering servo wasn't position straight although, i sort of managed to fix it. it still wasn't that good and that was because of the way the manufacturer has designed the car with the turning position of the parts that connect to from the steering servo all the way to the wheels. also you will be probably be supplied with a 1800 mah battery with a basicaly useless charger that takes 4-5 hours to charge it properly, that is what happened to me and i ended up going to my local hobby shop to buy a new battery because on the original one the weiring fell apart. i bought a venom 3000mah battery (top quality)  so since the charger i got was uses less i had to buy a new charger(ansmann) or i would be waiting  10 hours to charge the battery on that stock one. with the new charger i charged the 3000 mah battery with in 1 hour to 1 hour and 10 minutes. so up untill now i have stated 5 problems with these cars (break easy,rare parts,steering servo,bad battery,rubish charger). now the last 2 and probably worst ones if you were think of upgrading the speed, that the pinion on the stock motor is over sized and is meant for a petrol monster truck so that meens if the pinion on the engine is over sized the rest are to. at my local hobby shop they told me that  i would melt  things if i upgraded the engine  and even if i managed to find some pinions to replace the over sized ones i would have to drill some mounts to bring the motor closer to the drive shaft because smaller pinion = less space used. the last problem that i can think of at the moment is that the esc (electronic speed control) on the stock ones they generally handles about 21 turn  motor which if you upgrading you motor its not much of a upgrade from stock. so you also have to buy a new one of them.(21 turn = highest possible without it melting)

to conclude, the only 2 thing those things are good for is the platform that everything is mounted on because its made of metal that holds everything together well and also the receiver and transmitter are  good I'd say it goes about 100m with batteries that have 12v in them but the battery charge goes down you lose quite a bit of reception

here is a link to 1 selling at the moment
*no offense  to the seller, this may even be a heads up for the seller to maybe consider something that is more reliable to sell*

this is the type of car i am talking about

what is the solution you ask?

1# if you have order one already, well either sell it as soon as you get it and don't unpack-age before something break,  the saying you get what you paid for applys  here.

2# the better option is to save more money and buy a tamiya there is parts on every corner for there 4wd tt01 and tl01 and a lot of people say the tl01 is one of the strongest chassis. save your self the hassle and don't do what i did . it will last you years without and major problems

this started as a short topic, didn't realize how much there was until i finished

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