cheep chinese quads

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i also purchased a 50cc quad for my little fella who is 5, i can understand those with limited mechanical skills would feel rippped off due to the design and quality of this product but this is a prime example of "you get what you pay for" sorry to say. luckily i have a mechanical background and found the whole adventure rather interesting, my son and i have replaced the rear sprockett as he had a tendancy to flog the syntrifical clutch which we replaced at the same time as fitting the sprockett, by lowering the gearing the clutch has lasted a lot longer we also replaced the bearing in the clutch housing with a sealed bearing as it is in a dirty area exposed to clutch dust,dirt and water, the fuel starvation problem can be resolved by removing the rubber direction plate in the fuel tap under the tank, if left in until it begins to breakdown, will send parts through the filter (yes through the filter) into the carburator and end up with ideling and starvation placing a strip of sandpaper under the throttle control stoped the throttle assembly from turning on the project will be to mount a foot brake as the hand activated break is a little hard to access as kids need to let go of one handle bar to reach out and apply it. extending the chain was the only hassil i had as the chain size is chinas own so i needed to buy a whole chain or find an old one, i chose the latter. for some reason there are a few broken ones getting around now so its becoming easier to get parts or you can buy through the internet as prices are good but freight can be a bit over the top especialy from the states, my son has learnt heeps about bikes and how things work . i think its a good option to get kids started as its cheep and if they dont like it or get sick of it then you have only spent a few hundred dollars i will buy a more reputable product for my son most likely next year as he will be to big for it and will need something with suspension   hope this helps someone
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