cleaning a super nintendo / snes cartridge

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most of the snes carts you have laying around required to be blown to get them working,  but it is not actually a good idea to do this, as this helps corrode the terminal on the game cartridge.

you can use

cotton buds, dish washing liquid, a tea towel or tissue to clean and dry the surface of the cart terminal

step 1

unscrew the 2 screws from the back of the game cartridge

then remove the circuit board from the cart

step 2

use dishwashing liquid on a cloth - tissue or cotton bud and rub over the terminal section of the circuit board

step 3

wipe the terminal clean and put the cart back together

if you find there is still corrison on the terminal on the circuit board, you can always use toothpaste as a cleaning agent as this is more aggresive as a cleaning agent, rub it in the same way as you would clean your teeth

step 4

if all this fails you can always purchase a cleaning kit from ebay


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