cleaning and maintaning your fog machine

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Every fog machine needs a little care for reliable operation.Starting with Quality fog fliuid (do not water down with tap water as some disreputable suppliers do) Every 6 months or about 10 litres remove fluid fron m/c fill it with demineralised water (mum uses it to clean her iron) available at most hardware stores, run m/c untill all water is used then refill with fog fluid.This removes mineral deposits in the boiler unit .some times if a m/c has not been cleaned for a long time it may be nessasary after this to remove and clean front nossel and physicaly clean its hole with a piece of wire.If this is still
not effective the whole boiler neads to be removed and soaked in an amonina based fluid and the compressed air blown through(warning amonia is castic this should only be done with rubber gloves ,saftey glases ect}best left to an expert
hope this guide is of help for you.
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