coca-cola coke trading cards, cels and phonecards

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G'day all, first when starting to collect anything you need to start out properly, this means only buy the best as they will hold there value and improve over time, try to buy mint or straight from the box, even sealed boxes if you can find them, to date i have recycled over 12,000 cards, these have been eaten by my shredder, or my second shredder as the first one ate to many , lol anything damaged or marked will be distroyed dirt fingerprints ect ect, i only sell the best cards, i have over 300,000 coca-cola cards in stock,  as you can see by my feedback and the items in my store, i have opened over 1,000 boxes and many packets to get the stock i have, in my opinion, dont buy other peaples collection or sets if you cant see that they are mint, yes price dose matter but you cards will be worthless if there not in the very best condition so its up to you, i try to only buy cards that have not been copied eg china and hong kong cards and some from singapore, the good ones in my opinion are made in the U.S.A. and australia, they seem to always have been worth collecting, and you should also reserch the cards a bit to know what your getting in for , i have collected my personal collection for over 15 years and its not complete, not far away , only 10 to 20 cards to find, but this is the entire collection of, trading cards promo's sample's proof, test, cels, gold's phonecards subsets, inserts and folders, but if your just starting dont panic yet, i would recomend you find a coca-cola cards list and read it to find where and what you would like to start on, i sell one i put together myself over the years, its $1 in my store i think it cost thousands to buy  all the books and magazines ect to find the different cards , ohhh well thats a lot to start with, and don't forget im here to help with your collecting if you need me thanks again coolcoke2004
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