connecting a rocker switch with 2 terminals

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WARNING: This guide is meant to be printed out and handed to an electrician. Do not attempt the work yourself, especially if you have not done electrical work before - stop reading and call a professional to do the connections for you. If you have no idea what you are doing and create something dodgy it will kill a family member, a friend or you. Your safety and any legal claims rest with your electrician.

Disconnect the battery before starting.

Connection for an on/off rocker switch with 2 terminals:

1. The positive terminal (usually marked "1" "+" or "A") connects to the positive (+, red) terminal of the battery or to the light isolator switch.
2. The terminal in the middle of the switch connects to the positive terminal of the lamp - use the lamp’s red wire.
3. Connect the negative (black wire) of the lamp directly to battery negative.
4. Insulate yout connections and reconnect the battery.

Problems: LEDs are unidirectional creatures, so if the lamp does not light up it is because the polarity at the lamp is reversed. Just swap the connections for the lamp only. If you've tried swapping wires or you have bought one of my lamps with marked polarity wires and it is connected as shown ... and you are still in the dark ... something else is wrong, e-mail me.

It doesn't really matter which terminal on the switch connects to the battery and which one to the light as long as you are breaking the positive (usually red) wire. Just follow the steps above for simplicity, though. 

If you are using one of my 3-terminal AC switches in a 12V DC situation - use only terminals 1 and 2, the numbers are marked on the switch. The third terminal is for use with AC - the switch lights up when turned on, but will not work if used with DC. See my guide for 3-terminal switches for use in AC connections (now this you are legally required to hand over to an electrician).

E-mail me for a picture / schema if you need one. Thanks.

Specifications (unless described in the listing):

rectangular: Amps: 6A at 250AC; 10A at 125AC; plenty at 12DC.
                    Dimensions: 19mm(L) 12.5mm(W) 21mm(H)
round: Amps as above for rectangular.
           Dimensions: overall diameter: 23mm, mounting hole: 19-20mm, min required depth: 25mm

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