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just wanted to say hello firstly my name is krystle and i love making iron on fabric appliques , and i sell them on ebay for all young and old alike to enjoy.

this guide is to help you in getting the right information on the best way to get those most out of your applique.

what you should always ask a seller and know about iron on fabric appliques:

1 . since everyone has so many uses for appliques and where they want to stick the applique you should always ask the seller if the spot you want to use the applique is suitable for the applique you want to purchase.

2. will the applique stick to the fabric you want to adhere it to.for example some appliques won't adhere to denim properly. but don't despair if an applique won't adhere fully to for example denim you can sew around the edges to keep the applique in position.

3. what should i do if the applique falls off? this can be caused by the applique not being bonded properly at the time you ironed it on , in most cases all you need to do is re-iron the applique so that the webbing rebonds itself to the fabric.

4.what is a good quility fabric applique?  a good quility fabric applique should be easy to apply and remain in place and should definately out live the childs use of it if applied correctly. 

5. should i always wash my hands before appling an applique ? yes as the salts and oils from your skin can sometimes effect the effectiveness of your applique.

6. what should i do if my child has managed to picked of the applique ? children will be children and this can sometimes happen if the child has constantly been picking at the applique , firstly try re-ironing the applique if this turns up unsuccessful as this may occur if the glue has remained on the fabric and not on the back of the applique simply sew around the edges of the applique . this sought of thing is very rare however , it is better to be prepared and know what to do. ONCE AN APPLIQUE HAS BEEN FULLY BONDED TO FABRIC DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE IT HAS THIS MAY RESULT IN DAMAGE TO THE ITEM IT WAS ADHERED TO.

7. can appliques be adhered to other things rather then just fabric? yes , some appliques will adhere to things also like paper, cardboard and even some woods. i suggest though when purchasing appliques you ask the seller if they will adhere to these other surfaces.

thanks for reading my guide to iron on fabric appliques , please rate if this guide was helpful for you or not.

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